Over a long period

Over a long period of time high pressure to mind and body obstacle stocktaking modern and different crowd pressure source
The modern people work the stress is big and live rhythm quickly, if will feel as for adjustment that can not get in time the mind and body is exhausted more serious mind and body disease even suffer from.Say for the different crowd of modern society so, which aspects easily bring pressure to them?
The city white gets:Work strainDongguan will expand

The city white gets work pressure big, spirit high strain, live rhythm quickly.This crowd because of being placed in highly nervous appearance over a long period of time bottom, if can not get the adjustment in time, will feel that the mind and body is exhausted.Then appearing worry anxiously as time passes is uneasy and suppress Yu disease, and spirit obstacle…etc. mental problem and disease.Speak from the physiology angle, the spirit high strain will also make endocrine function out of tune over a long period of time, human body immunity the dint descend but cause various physiology paroxysm creation.

Divorce a personage:Mind woundMid-Autumn

The modern people divorce leads more and more high, but divorce empress of the damaged square is particularly female and usually can not stand the stroke of divorce and result in mind and body of biggest hurt.If can not get to adjust in time, very likely because of the mental state carry over-weight but induct mental disease.A survey expresses that the our country is divorcing crowd currently and lead because of various reason psychological stresses big of have 70% around, this person needs to look for to get off the heart object and deserve mental state to help.

Poor family:Living pressure

Because life of poor make the psychological stress led big but induct mental paroxysm crowd, mainly for be unemployeed officers and workers and the narrow circumstances of high school to living.In order to being unemployeed, particularly husband and wife, the double is unemployeed, its psychological stress is huge, if at that time can not find a suitable work, very likely cause mental disease.

Livingsing but talking to narrow circumstances in the high school is on the other hand an economic pressure, on the other hand because of poverty because of the psychological stress brought, if poor living the help and care of canning not get the material and spirit, it is the highest to induct mental paroxysm to all lead.According to the statistics, the narrow circumstances in the our country high school livings to has 15% one 20% around, but have mental problem and the paroxysm near 50% among them currently.

Commercial circles elite:The business suffers a defeatLED industry observes

On the business field, the modern people easily make the trouble of nasty achievement near benefit, the success of the in pursuit of business, usually is strongly work, continuously add to press by one’s own, though is still to demand too much oneself as far as it exceeded oneself ability, make heart enough thus but the dint isn’t enough, not ability ego satisfy, cause a mental disequalibrium.

Usually failure or business fluctuate, its mental state because of failure of the stroke is placed in a kind of disequalibrium appearance over a long period of time in, if don’t can adjust by one’s own, very likely induct a spirit obstacle, suppress the Yu disease, and autism…etc. mental disease.

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