Acidity physical endowment

Acidity physical endowment crowd’s easily getting a cancer should eat alkaline food more
There is a research pointing out, the crowd of alkaline physical endowment can’t produce cancer.Contrary, the person of acidity physical endowment contracts several rates of malignant tumor very high.So, this crowd is in the daily food, should eat alkaline food more.White LED carry light

The scientist has already studied body fluid average sour alkalinity for human body cell to be placed in the best operation appearance should be 7.4, belong to alkalescent body fluid environment.The human body cell has vitality most and has vitality most in such an environment of alkalescence, the metabolism is the most prosperous.

The body fluid that so is you is placed in the body fluid environment of less than 7.3 weak acidities China Times, you will appear unwell, the serious words also take place disease.The brain cell stimulates in the alkaline body fluid, stagnant in the acidity body fluid, scientist has already proven, the person of alkaline body fluid, the intelligence quotient compares person, Gao Yi Bei, of acidity body fluid, the kid should eat alkaline food more and otherwise compare others intelligence quotient to want a lot of low.

Are you an acidity physical endowment?

(1).Do you usually have a poor appetite?general use LED drives

(2).You isn’t usually sleeping at the mid-night good?

(3).You whether usually the morning get up is the spirit poor?

(4).Do you feel very tired every day?

(5).Can you not devote one’s mind a work for a long time?

(6).You whether usually the emotion is unsteady, easily in an access of fury?

(7).You whether always the hand and foot deliver cool, does the arms and legs become numb?

(8).You whether usually does the nervous prostration, memory descend?

(9).You whether the immunity dint is lowly and easily get sick?LED in much

(10).You whether the gum easily bleeds, the wound easy maturation?

(11).You whether usually the headache, leg is painful, sour shoulder, is the waist sour?

(12).Do you usually get skin disease?

Test result analysis:

If above-mentioned of in 12 problems, you have more than 5 answers is”is”, so you may be an acidity physical endowment very much.The characteristic of acidity physical endowment that enumerates according to the top carries on a self-examination, besides which, can also go to a medicine store and buy PH nicety to try the paper oneself’s test.The human body wets the PH in the liquid to be worth general is 5.5~6, suggest to use the urine liquid of trying paper check oneself in the morning, if discover that PH’s being worth is lower than for many times 5, that is same to explain that you may belong to acidity physical endowment.If having is necessary, can also arrive hospital to have further check confirmation, in order to cure to the disease.

The acidity physical endowment easily gets a cancer

The medical treatment center of New York cures Xun:One lasts a research for one year and becomes the acidity body fluid of 60 tumor patients alkaline, the tumor will can’t disappear.When this research ends, all 60 patients tumors all disappeared!This research expresses:A body of alkalescence can’t living cancer.If a body is alkaline, can’t form cancer.The cancer only can form in the acidity body fluid.If you have cancer, that explains your body is very an acidity, don’t allow what of the cancers can change, if the body starts turning to become, this cancer can not expand, will get into sleep condition and be cured.LED who is applicable

If say our body fluid, especially the blood went sour, we will feel tired and catch a cold first first, if become to deliver sour, we will feel ache, stuffy chest, stomach-ache, headache etc., if the blood changes sourerly, our body will surplus of the acidity material put at body of some places, these places will become sourer, the cell here environment will the acidity changing turn and anoxia appearance.

If this process continues next go to, the acidity of these places will increase, some cells will die, death of the cell change again by himself/herself sour, but have moreover some cells to adapt to this kind of environment, it existed, but became a kind of abnormality cell, these abnormality cells were called malignant cell.The malignant cell doesn’t listen to cerebral conductor, also disobedience the memory of my own DNA, these malignant cells have no rule of quick growth, this is the cancer.

Little the food eating acidity eat alkaline food more

Because we have to eat everyday, in great quantities edible of all of rice, noodles and meat are acidities food(the big rice opposite noodles is a little bit notter so bad, southern Chinese more the Northerner is opposite a little bit more intelligent), so the Chinese are big part of be in need of alkaline food to moderate, is this, we want to eat alkaline food more, specially taboo again eat acidity food, for example:You drink a to listen to cola, PH value is 2, coffee is 4, beer is 2.5-4.2, is an all strong acidity.

Strong acidity egg yolk, cream cheese, refined sugar, west point, persimmon, black fish son, and firewood fish…etc..

Medium acidity ham, chicken and tuna, pork and eel, beef and bread, wheat and butter.

Weak acidity white rice, peanut, beer, fry in oil bean curd, laver, text clam, octopus, and loach…etc..

Alkalescence red bean, turnip, apple, cabbage vegetables, onions, and bean curd…etc..

Medium alkaline turnip stem, soybean, carrot, banana, tomato, orange, a time melon and the strawberry, egg white and plum stem, lemon, and spinach…etc..

Strong alkaline grape, tea-leaf, wine, sea tangle, natural green weed.

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