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Want eyes eat following food to do good very much
People’s usually making glasses ratio is the window of mind, girl’s son of love of beauty particularly hopes he or she can have a pair of watery big eyes and eat some foods more at ordinary times is contain advantage to the our ground glasses, underneath we see together which foods have advantage to our glasses?

Eyes are the heads of people’s facial features, the window of mind.A pair of beautiful and moving eyes will give person with endless of magic power,violent to undulate particularly say to the female youth to the person of youth, eyes of going to a pass is strongly built important.For making own eyes brightness strongly built, in the daily life, in addition to wanting to strengthen the protection to eyes, should still be absorbing some nourishments materials with are advantageous to eyes function more in the food.Have several following aspects to eyes strongly built and beneficial food generally speaking:

Rich food with the vitamin A

The vitamin AN is the main nourishment that maintains skin of human body to organize a normal metabolism vegetable, can maintain a cornea normal, don’t make cornea dry, deteriorate, also strengthen at dark light in see the function of ability.If lack vitamin AN inside the body, can appear keratitis, dry eye disease and fear only and shed tears, even can make the conjunctiva increased thick or soften, sight decrease, with the result that appear moon blindness or suffer from insomnia.Therefore, choose rich food with the vitamin A more.

The vitamin A mainly contains in the animality food such as foods, such as animal liver, egg, milk, cod-liver oil and butter…etc..Moreover, the carotene is the premise material of vitamin A, can convert into vitamin AN in the body, but its conversion leads only is 1|6,illuminating demonstration mainly contain in carrot, spinach, lettuce leaf, Chinese chives, water convolvulus(bamboo vegetables), garden pea seedling, clover, pumpkin, tomato, Xian vegetables, loquat, laver, green bean etc..

Rich food with the vitamin B2

The vitamin B2 can promise to see the normal metabolism of retina and cornea, if lack the vitamin B2 to easily suffer from keratitis, appear to shed tears, the eye flush, become itchy, even eye spasm etc. symptom.The vitamin B2 is our country the residents easily lack of a kind of vitamin, therefore, should notice a choice in the meal rich food with the vitamin B2, especially the awkward age should eat animal liver, heart, kidney, egg yolk, butter more and have a color vegetable, is particularly some wild vegetables to contain the vitamin B2 specially abundant.

Enrich to contain the vitamin B1 and Ni gram sour food

If the vitamin B1 and Ni gram are sour to absorb shortage and easily appear symptoms, such as eyeball tremor and sense of vision muff…etc..The vitamin B1 the content is abundant in the thick food, the Ni gram is sour generally also ample in the food, so as long as the food reasonable matches, profession all drivethe food diversifies, can immediately attain the purpose of protecting the eye.

Rich food with the vitamin C

The vitamin C is one of the composition that constitutes a crystal eyeball form body.If lack vitamin C inside the body, easily suffer from the crystal form body turbid cataract, so want to eat some rich foods with the vitamin C more to be like fresh vegetable and fruit etc..

Rich contain long chain many fishes with sour unsaturated fatty acids

Fish especially deep sea fish is rich to contain the long chain much on bed terms fatty acids,such as DHA(22 carbons six Xis are sour) and EPA(20 carbons five Xis are sour), to have to the protection that sees retina of function, if edible 1-2 times every week can protect sight.

Eat the stimulating food less

Want to be little to eat or don’t eat to have stimulating food to eyes, like hot pepper, spring onion, garlic, pepper etc. mordacious food.Particularly the smoke,移民搬家海運需要注意哪些問題 wine injures to the sight larger, quit smoking wine in response to the dint.

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