enriches most where

Teach you the nourishment that the purple eggplant enriches most where
Eggplant calls fetter son in the Chinese thou, west Hahn people, Yang Xiong, makes 《the Shus all endow with 》have:The sentence of “the prosperous winter teaches a bamboo shoot, the old vegetables has fetter”.The enunciation is in the Shu at that time already lead to go into call the new vegetable of fetter.In the tang dynasty, the eggplant is called to fall Su and mean a deli eggplant like taste Lao one crisp Mian is soft tasty.Lee Jean at 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》the lieutenant general eggplant list as a vegetables article in first, go to this, the eggplant finally settles for the positive.

The purple eggplant is first grade

The eggplant implies protein, fat, carbohydrate and vitamin and calcium, Lin, and iron…etc. various nourishment compositions.The vitamin C content reaches to 17 milligrams, is farer far high than an apple to imply the quantity of vitamin C.In addition to in addition to composition the 6 greatest nourishments of the normal regulations, the eggplant still contains the soap grass of one fixed amount the Mao and the alkali of bottle gourd Ba Jian, water Su’s alkali and Dan wait for someone the living creature live material of body demand.Rich contain vitamin P in the purple eggplant, the most part of its content is purple epidermis and combining of pulp place, the past eggplant takes purple species as first grade.

Rich contain vitamin P in the eggplant吃面條後運動可致命

The vitamin P is a type of flavonoid is a type of 1 kind in the material, always exist in the meantime with vitamin C in the nature, good the companion of vitamin C.The content of vitamin P is very high in the eggplant and contain the vitamin P750 in every 100 grams of eggplants milligram.The vitamin P can strengthen the flexibility of the hair thin blood vessel and lower the brittleness of the hair thin blood vessel and permeate sex and prevent°from capillaries blowout issue of blood, also prevention blood infection and help the wound to heal of effect.Often eat gruel-like in shape to prevention and cure high blood pressure, artery hardening of eggplant, spit blood and septicemia etc. contain certain function.Therefore middle age and old people and the one who get cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol should often eat an eggplant.

The eggplant implies little Long Kui Jian

Long Kui Jian and then the Jia alkali is a kind of alkaloid, extensively Be existed to Jia section plants such as potato, tomato and eggplant etc. in.The eggplant implies little Long Kui Jian, therefore the edible eggplant can’t result in poisoned.Speak from a certain meaning, eat an eggplant to there is also anti-cancer effect.The research in recent years expresses, Long Kui Jian has already repressed tumor cell to propagate, induce the tumor cell Diao Wu and promote various anti- tumors of red cell immunity function etc.s function, the agree with stomach cancer, colon cancer and womb cancer definitely repressed a function.

Often eating an eggplant can decline low cholesterol

The soap Mao compound is a little bit early called the soap Mao and adopt soap Mao, this name more currently, they are extensively a type of sugar Mao compound that is distributed to flowerers.In early days people’s concern to the soap Mao compound, is because implied this kind of plant of compound usually is a type of the cause that can cure the herb medicine in many paroxysms.The soap Mao is mainly divided into three Mao soap the Mao and the Zi body soap Mao is two major types.Three Mao soap Mao most is famous of is ginseng, ginseng and 37 medium various ginseng soap Mao contained, wring a blue soap Mao etc..The amount of the Zi body soap Mao is obviously less than three Mao soap the Mao is mostly distributed to a Jia section.The soap grass contained Mao namely belongs to the Zi body soap Mao in the eggplant fiber.The soap grass Mao has double to the machine body to regulate a function, have anti- fatigue, anti- decrepitude and decline low cholesterol, lower a blood fat and protect cardiovascular etc. effect.

The old eggplant cortex is smooth辦公室風水布置

Speak of an eating of eggplant method, should calculate most well-knownly 《Red Chamber Dream 》the way of doing of medium Jia Bie.The Jia Bie is a delicious good dinner, but the creation process is too tedious.In fact the vegetable burns eggplant, the potato cook eggplant, and cold Jia mire…etc. to all have special taste.

Warm and fragrant hint:Buy an eggplant with fresh delicate is good.At eggplant E slice and there is a turn of shallow color belt in the place that fruit connect with each other, this takes more breadth, more obvious, mean that the eggplant is more fresh delicate.If the belt isn’t obvious and explain that the eggplant has already been getting older.See eggplant cortex, can also judge an eggplant of old delicate.If purple eggplant the cortex is jet black, what to touch some puckery hands is a fresh delicate eggplant;But the cortex is bright, smoothly then old eggplant.

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