get hurt very much

Not Jie living the misuse urge to living a medicine 6 greatest behaviors to let woman’s womb get hurt very much
The unintended pregnancy, misuse urges to living a medicine, not Jie life etc. the behavior will bring very big injury to womb, it is each affair that the female has to do to develop to protect health of womb very habitually.
1.Neglect before the Yun, prenatal period checkindustries development

Work well to check before the Yun and pregnant empress the periodical prenatal period check is a peaceful mother and child important guarantee.If neglected before the Yun and the prenatal period check, can not discover the abnormality of mother-to-be, pregnant woman and baby in time, a lot of gynecology diseases will cause difficult produce womb blowout to even wait serious result.

2.The unintended pregnancy personally adopts measure

After taking place an unintended pregnancy, not a few females proceed from various the measure that the reason adopts to personally take medicine or arrive falsely rules of the clinics carry on surgical operation and do like this of the serious results is to can not protect good womb again Yun ability, womb damaged severity or after deliver the infected person even cause too much not ability again function founds

Because various Jis foetuses and many foetuses that the reason causes easily take place before the Yun difficult produce, endanger the safeties of womb and adult thus, so the Yun period should notice a check, if discover Ji foetus, many foetuses, should adopt effective measure, and work well again the protection of Yun ability.

3.The misuse urges to living a medicine

When the pregnant woman gives birth to baby occurrence difficulty or produce distance extension, experienced doctors all usually hardly use to urge to living needle(urge to produce vegetable), in fact this is more science.Because the misuse urges the way of doing equal danger of producing the vegetable and probably causes womb broken and endanger a female baby safety.

4.Not the Jie is living

Sex didn’t pay attention to hygiene while living, the cause body canned be got into a womb chamber by vagina and caused film inside the womb’s being infected.Moreover, the male’s smegma is one of the factor that causes a cervical cancer to the incitement of temple neck, so not only only is a mother-to-be, quasi- father also want to work well a health work.

5.Sex is living after the gestationSoftware service

The gestation should forbid sex life with about to deliver child two months ago in the early years and otherwise caused to have a miscarriage or premature, will also bring damage to womb.

6.Sex lives mess

If the female lives indulgently, or the nonage then start sex life, will healthily result in to own mind and body damage, easily cause temple neck debauched and cervical cancer etc. disease.

As a woman, ignore have one”good house” for the sake of the baby in future, or say for own health, womb all want to well protect to be own very, because womb since is the organ that conceives a baby, again is manage a female endocrine of organ, it will secrete various hormones to maintain a female the stability of the endocrine.Womb healthy female, the existent estrogen level inside the body can influence its life intelligence condition, and can decide to get into time of menopause, can say that the womb relates to chemisette whole life.So, the womb needs a woman meticulous of concern and protect, don’t make the gynecology disease unconsciously gained an advantage but gone into.outside dish

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