baby tooth Qu Chi

2011″whole country love tooth day” focuses a family to preach religion-5-year-old child’s 2|3 suffer from baby tooth Qu Chi

5-year-old child’s baby tooth suffers from the rate of Qu Chi to be up to 66%, the 12-year-old student Heng tooth suffers from Qu Chi the rate then be up to 28.9%, the family preaches religion link of the imperfection is thought is make the Chinese child suffer from Qu Chi to lead still high important reason, the Guangdong this year province health hall sponsors, Guangdong province tooth disease prevention and cure instruction center, Gao Lou4 Jie palm tree Lan the limited company contract for job of province love tooth publicity rites up, province health hall Yin east plum department chief of Guangdong said, parent of defend Qu consciousness and keep Qu measure from controling degree and the mouth cavity of parent’s oneself healthy condition and child Qu Chi disease of occurrence closely related, in the near future suggest to the questionnaire result of the parent, only 49% parents know to contain a fluorine toothpaste, only 9% parents can each time help a kid to brush teeth, only 9% parents know nest ditch the function of the closing, mouth cavity health care consciousness of lack direct result is a reflection at child Qu Chi year by year high hair up.

Child Qu Chi well the hair rate continuously walk high background bottom, how make the kid work well a prevent°froming, we exist again in the middle of the life at ordinary times which oral hygienes sweep of mistake area, small plait especially the idea please come to the province mouth cavity hospital vice- director Huang Shao Hong director doctor of Guangdong as everyone to explain in detail a mouth cavity health care in to deal with

3-6 years old is child the high peak of the Qu Chi expect 2|3 childs have the baby tooth Qu the Chi

Qu Chi and the tooth week disease is endanger an our country residents mouth cavity health of two kinds of most familiar diseases, but come to say to the child, main of be still Qu Chi, 3-6 years old are the high peak period that the childs suffer from Qu Chis, suggest in “the national mouth cavity healthy Epidemiology survey for the third time”, our country the 5-year-old child win, there aring 2 Qus the children of the bad tooth is the most, in 3 children of 1|, 79.3% concentrations of Qu Chi having 96.7% Qu Chis didn’t fill.

Vice- director Huang Shao Hong said that the 5-year-old child is easily very to suffer from Qu of Chi, containing various beverage of sugar is a chief culprit, some kids are basic to be beverage water drink, before sleeping or wake up at the midnight thirsty also shine on to drink a mistake not.And sweep aspect in the mouth cavity, this little sufferer brushes teeth at ordinary times basic all careless, even don’t wish very much, have intention to not intentional ground of”forgot”, the parents also not too realize.Statistics according to us, 3 years old started brushing teeth before only 13%, brush teeth every day two only 22%.Still having is 20% of the 5-year-old children don’t brush teeth.Generally drag along to appear difficult endure of ache symptom but have to go to the hospital processing, once the kid open, usually can see obvious”tooth hole”, tooth already the Qu Be getting worse.

Child baby tooth Qu does the Chi actually need to be cured?LED plant grows a light

The baby tooth takes place Qu Chi, many parents think that the baby tooth sooner or later will drop and have no necessity to carry on a treatment, but some parents worry if incurable treat will after influencing Heng tooth of long, actually child baby tooth Qu Chi after, actually need to be cured?

“Generally speaking, if before the baby tooth drops of Qu Chi happen in a year, can consider the way for compromising, conservative treatment, but if still have several years to just drop, or suggest that the parent carries on a treatment.”Vice- director Huang Shao Hong says:”If baby tooth tooth could not cure,could pull out, if pull out all too soon, the Heng tooth hasn’t grown, will form to lack, will cause lately long tooth’s lacking, grow slanting, had better be don’t the time that the severity has to pull out, only sheds off at him of appropriate age sometimes just can trust a treatment.Our generally judging this tooth in child’s dentistry is to when shed off.The baby tooth sheds off from 6-12 years old, each tooth is different, basic principle from in the center and hereafter the noodles changes and also has an individual tooth to pour to come over.

Grow the kid of “small lousy tooth” if don’t cure in time and appropriate nursing, in addition to the partial mastication function lowers, the Heng tooth harbour an amiable prefacel to easily change for a time and cause in the days to come tooth row not and together, poor appearance, the mouth cavity mucosa is soft to organize easy hurt, can also to whole body of growth bring the influence of different degree.Especially the conversion of Qu Chi isn’t yet burning for a sharp week to cure in time, will enlarge to suffer from a cardiovascular disease, kidney various far-gone whole body paroxysm risks.So, suggest that the parent wants to early guide a kid to protect a good tooth, but once appearing “small lousy tooth”, doing not must and not drop with the light heart.

The child is 3 years old and then can brush teeth correct prevent child from Qu Chi problem

“For preventing child from baby tooth Qu Chi, working well the prevent°froming is to pass important, hard brush teeth usually is a preventive square one, say a 3-year-old kid and then can brush teeth currently, but 6 years old previous of child don’t suggest the usage toothpaste with the fluorine, because of afraid child’s mistake take.”While speaking of how to prevent child from baby tooth Qu Chi, vice- director Huang Shao Hong gave own suggestion.LED help business

1, brush teeth sooner or later, the after meal gargles.Guide the child brushes teeth of the important point have:

(1) twice brush teeth sooner or later, brush teeth before sleeping in the evening more important.

(2) the choice suit the health care toothbrush of child’s age and replace every 3 months.

(3) attain one person a brush a cup.

(4) the child study to brush teeth, the parent should help and inspect.

2, the part is prevent°fromed with the fluorine Qu Chi, the fluorine is healthily a human body have to of a kind of trace element, absorbing just the right amount of fluorine can reduce a tooth drive sour deliquescence and promote tooth again the mineral turn, repress a mouth cavity microorganism growth and prevent°from the occurrence of Qu Chi.(6-year-old empress)

3, the best opportune moment of nest ditch closing is a child the tooth hat completely harbour (thought), the Qu Chi hasn’t taken place of time, generally and the first Heng indulge in arguments at 6-9 years old, the second Heng indulge in arguments at 11-13 years old.

4, develop a good food habit

(1) the female milk feed to keep, the exactitude uses milk bottle

(2) science eats sugar, little drink carbonic acid of beverage, brush teeth to no longer take a meal behind before sleeping.

(3) eat fiber food more, strengthen mastication function.

5, periodical mouth cavity check, early cure Qu Chi, the parent wants to periodically take a kid to the medical treatment organization to carry on mouth cavity health inspection and attains to early prevent°from to the child mouth cavity disease, early diagnose and early cure.Promote a child to accept mouth cavity health inspection every 6 months.

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