stocktaking food

“Pure poisonous superior” in the stocktaking food

In recent years, domestic and international science research proves, high blood pressure, suffer a stroke, cirrhosis, swollen cancer, the hepatitis, glycouria is various far-gone diseases and all have something to do with various pollution poison that organ,LEDTV the market tired and blood…etc. inside the body is subjected to harming.

Often- eaten the effective clearance human body poisonous material of the following food ability:

1.Fungi food:Like black fungus, white fungus, mushroom, and mushroom…etc..These fungis imply an abundant selenium.Usually eating can decline blood pressure, decline cholesterol, preventĀ°from arteriosclerosis and raise the machine body immunity function, the content of immunity globulin inside the increment body, excited that the marrow builds blood function and slippery bowel,Logitech displays Google TV Jie blood, counteracts poison, increases Zhi…etc..

2.Sea tangle:The brown Zao gum in the sea tangle has treatment artery to harden, the arrestment human body absorbs the function of heavy metalses, such as lead and cadmium…etc. and the radio chemical element in the exclusion human body.The brown Zao gum can form gelatinous material in the bowel because of containing water rate Gao, so contribute to expeling toxin material.

3.Pig blood:After the stomach acid and the digestive juice resolve, the blood plasma egg white of pig blood can produce a kind of material with a smooth bowel function to reach agreement a poisonous function.This kind of material can with glue Be attached to the occurrence chemical reactions, such as dust and harmful metal particle…etc. of stomach and intestines wall, make these poisonous and harmful things ejected a body thus.

4.Fresh juice fixed menu in restaurant juice:Fresh juice fixed menu in restaurant juice gets into a human body to make the blood presented an alkalescence,application procedure thus will accumulate to gather in the toxin deliquescence in the cell, then eject a body.

5.Contain the carotene more food:This food contains laver, muskmelon and carrot, Gan and sweet potato, pumpkin and persimmon, papaya and orange son, liver and milk, egg yolk and fish etc..

6.Green lentil:The green lentil can solve the wine poison, wild germ poison, arsenic poison, organic Lin agrochemical poison, lead poisoning and Dan stone poison, rat medicine poison etc..Can help the excretion of poison inside the body, promote the normal metabolism of machine body.

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