top-class cutthroat

Carefully”top-class cutthroat” of the womb
Mess and feculent living

The feculent sex life can cause:1, the vagina blaze 2, the temple neck blaze 3, the temple neck is debauched 4, the fallopian tube blaze a disease.Don’t despise these infections, they are the important outbreak factors of the outside Yin cancer,receives area vagina cancer and temple neck cancer and fallopian tube cancer.

Moreover, sex once lived early and disorder, usually menstruation, produce and expect and have sexual intercourse etc. all is a temple neck cancer outbreak of important factor.So, sweep, the sexual love of forbearance is the initial task that cares and loves womb.Have sexual love ex- both parties to use to flow water to clean genitals to preventĀ°from the most basic one step in gynecology disease.

In fine, modern medical science proves,cyclic development not the Jie life has already become “chief culprit” that inducts gynecology tumor.

The ninth:Gestation in the early years and about to deliver child ex- indulge sex life

Want to forbid sexual intercourse for gestation head three months.The embryo attaches to womb at this time still not quite and firm, is an abortive good hair period.At this time sex high tide strong womb constringency, there is the danger to make the gestation broken off.Specially has a miscarriage women towards having already had a miscarriage history, gestation to once appear the omen that a little amount vagina bled, or the age is more old and begged son heart to slice etc., should forbid sexual intercourse.

The germ infection that the gestation resulted in to sex life in early days also wanted to notice.Pregnancy the period secretion increase, outside private parts not only easily fester, and to germ of the resistibility also weaken.Is been infected by the germ,In factif the symptom aggravates and then has abortive danger.So want to notice to keep part to sweep at ordinary times, have to specially notice before sexual behavior in the meantime.

Also want to forbid sexual intercourse for three months empress the gestation.Have sexual intercourse easy incitement womb constringency but cause to have a miscarriage, premature, womb the issue of blood or childbed is hot.Particularly is a gestation end for 4 weeks, the sexual intercourse may cause a foetus film burning, invite a foetus film to early break, dangers such as premature and postnatal period infection etc., should strictly forbid sex life.

About to deliver child a month ago or 3 weeks the baby had been mature, the womb has been already descended, and the womb opened gradually.If have sexual intercourse at this time, the possibility of amniotic fluid infection is larger.Still easily result in premature, the baby can also be been infected by mother in the womb paroxysm influence, make mind and body growth been subjected to an obstacle.

The pregnant woman with there is a nature having a miscarriage having a miscarriage with habitual should all avoid sexual intercourse during the period of the whole gestation,Do and cherish never result in permanent regret for a fit of impulse.

In a word, the sex life of special period wants to notice.

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