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The male sexual intercourse excessively should eat which medicines food
After getting married sex the life is the men and women’s a kind of physiology to need, normal sex life should with every week 2~3 times is proper, concretely say, should with have sexual intercourse an empress and have no tired unwell feeling on the second day for standard.If after the sexual intercourse feel all over the body have no the dint, spirit doesn’t flap, dizzy dizziness, arms and legs have no the dint, heart palpitates annoys short, anorexia,healthy cutthroatthe waist sour backache, whole day murky of, explain that sex lives already and should forbear in time excessively and eats tonic food to adjust to keep appropriately, or arrive the hospital seek medical advice.

The type that the sexual intercourse Lao harms has:

1.Sexual passion wound:Pointing sexual intercourse is too excesssive, or thinks desire, desire not hence the human body caused annoys blood yin and yang harm.

2.The Jing takes off:Point take place in the process in the sexual intercourse of shoot after the Jing big sweat to pour the certificate of the disease of Li.

3.Color Jue:Point sexual intercourse process in or take place suddenly arms and legs Jue while having sexual intercourse high tide or sexual intercourse be over is cold, consciousness loses of the certificate of disease.

The sexual intercourse Lao wound is sex living excesssive, the reason have:

1.The sexual intercourse is over- multifarious; legs exercise

2.Strong proceeded energetically building when physical strength could not stand up;

3.Thinking desire too but masturbating is unrestrained.

The Chinese medicine thinks that Jing, spirit, absolute being behavior body three treasures, among them, the Jing is a foundation, spirit is motive, absolute being is predominance, three of can convert mutually.If the sexual passion is excesssive, will hurt kidney Jing,trend obvious the Jing harms low-spirited then, discourage absolute being to then spread.But the Jing seriously consume wound, the absolute being, spirit will have no depend on, make the vitality absolute being accompanied to harm but to big disease.

Food therapy:The spring onion braises pig’s knuckles

The lord anticipates to use a pig’s knuckles, big spring onion.Pig’s knuckles 2 and big spring onion 150 grams Be pure to clean respectively and provide for use.

Place the pig’s knuckles and the big spring onion inside the pot, join table salt just the right amount, fill with water;First boil with the prosperous fire, join to anticipate seasonings, such as wine, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate…etc., braise with the small fire again lousy can immediately eat.

Medicine food therapy:Fruit of Chinese wolfberry red date gruel

The lord anticipates to use fruit of Chinese wolfberry, red date and Geng a rice.Selecting by examinations fruit of Chinese wolfberry is 15 grams of, the red date is 9, and the Geng rice is 75 grams.Put into fruit of Chinese wolfberry, red date after opening a pot,LEDs in Taiwans braise to cook to red date lousy familiar namely become.Just before sleep doing midnight snack in the evening is edible.This gruel function rather feels at ease absolute being, heart kidney, so be applicable to confused to suffer from insomnia, dizzy and kidney spirit decline the building Lao caused harm.

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