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The deep autumn”the algidity inherits feet” steeps the feet good health every day
Deep autumn arrival, cold is risen by the feet, by this time Be about to notice “foot bath” health.As the proverb says, the feet are human bodies the second heart.The correct bubble feet method can promote metabolism, promote body blood circulation, there is the effect that the health defends a disease.Today, the small plait comes right away to teach everyone how to steep a feet health a good method!

The white gets MM to often sit office, universal foot department the blood circulation is bad.Often steep feet, good foot department circulation, can make the heart don’t need to additionally add to press, then the ability transport the blood to the foot department end, reduce high dangerous paroxysm occurrences such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke etc. thus.

The veins and arteries theories that the Chinese medicine learns thinks that viscera self-sufficient three Yinses through(Pi, liver and kidney) start, the ankle department has 66 acupuncture pointses as follows.In Chinese medicine’s eyes, the hot water steeps feet like burn these acupuncture pointses with the moxa, have the push the effect that the blood luck,president againwarm internal organs and workout defends a disease.The modern medical science measureses, the temperature of person’s feet felt the most comfortable while keeping in 28-33 ℃ .

A.Steep feet to have what advantage?

Every day if the bubble feet can develop a health care function for 15 minutes, if dip into the double feet to 40 Celsius degrees or so hot water, about 15-20 minute in back the pain will obviously alleviate.This because the double feet blood vessel extends, blood from the beginning the department fly to a feet department, can opposite decrease stroke, alleviate a headache thus.For catch a cold to have fever the headache that the disease causes, the hot water bubble feet are still contribute to reducing fever.If at steeping feet in the meantime can continuously and by hand massage to flow out spring cave and press to press big toe rear to be partial to side instep outside of too blunt cave, Be also contribute to lowering blood pressure.Therefore, insist that the foot of science treat, particularly and easily for alleviate modern city crowd to deliver of various occupational disease, usually can receive the effect of half effort and double results.

Steep the advantage of feet

1, promote blood circulation.Sees from the health theories, the feet leave the heart of human body farthest, while the burden is the most heavy, therefore,global market this place causes blood circulation not good most easily, the medical science ancient works jots down:”Person it has feet, just like tree it has a root, the tree withered root first Jie, person old feet first Shuai.”Particularly usually feel a hand and foot ice-cold person to those, the bubble feet are a really fine method.

2, stimulate the acupuncture points of foot department and reflect area and veins and arteries.The many peoples all once did the foot treats, when the masseur orders to press our feet will feel painful painful and sour bulge, this circumstance basically can explain that the glint area internal organs that we correspond contains problem.So, after we finish doing enough bottom massage, will feel a whole body easily.In the meantime, there are 6 main veins and arterieses on the human body feet, include three sun through(urine bladder through, stomach through, Dan through) of terminate a point, and three Yins through(Pi through, liver through, kidney through of the start order, all on the feet, therefore, steeped feet to also equal to stimulate these six veins and arterieses of mosts.

3, have the assistance treatment the function to various diseases.The common saying says:”The rich man takes tonic, poor people bubbles feet.”It is thus clear that the function of bubble feet is very big.A great deal of usage of air condition particularly modern society, , and people widespreadly love to eat cool food, so much cold wet inside the body, pass bubble feet, can accelerate to line up inside the body cold.

Two.Teach you to steep a feet method every day

The convenience that the modern takes a bath makes the many people all disliked trouble, don’t like to steep feet alone.But, the best bubble feet method of exertion effect to steep with a little bit high bucket whiled being to steeped feet alone, and steep feet and passed thermodynamic energy to relax the veins and arteries of the feet top and calf and made the blood circulation sped, improvement providing of the heart brain etc. organ blood, but along with thermodynamic energy of continuously increment, will be tiny to perspire, can dredge veins and arteries, eject the algidity and the discard in the body, regulate body temperature, decline weakness.Moreover the improvement of blood circulation is very obvious double of to the blood pressure to regulate a function.

The expert hints:At busy one diva, must spend first half time of hour to relax, regulate for body.As long as insist every day, only steep feet, this health care method and then can make you live 10 more years.

1.Want to steep feet with the bucket

Wooden pail although the heat preservation is effective,performance minoritiessink too much too costly, use inconvenient, can arrive supermarkets to buy a little bit high plastics bucket to replace, part the bubble simultaneously fill with hot water.There are a lot of dynamoelectric bubble feet now basin, if can make a little bit high, like one Be getting soer much the better deeply.

2.Had better steep feet at 4-5:00 p.m.

The ordinary people will choose to be just before sleep steeping feet, so on being convenience, two is a benefit in sleep.

But if there is ample time, can is also an urine bladder on around 4-5:00 in afternoon through with kidney through annoy the most prosperous time of blood steep feet, the effect that restores virility at this time had better.

Small hint:Steeping feet to generally have fever by steeping whole body each time is tiny to perspire, at last steep good, bubble over feet behind want to drink water more, drink humidity in time.Had better be a part bubble feet, simultaneously drink Wen Shui or ginger brown sugar water, make the body internal fecundity hot, pass to perspire to let cold wet expel a body in time of outside.

3.Steep the temperature of feet water

This wants to depend on the concrete heat-proof degree of everybody, the temperature can be a little bit low, then slowly increase hot water and continuously heat while just starting steeping and steep whole body to have fever.

4.Steep don’t literally add thing in water of feet

Had better not literally add thing in water steeping feet, because of being because of the function of thermodynamic energy, steep the medicine that the feet are used to absorb very easily.The algidity inside the body could add a moxa while being heavy the leaf steeped together, but could not add every day and added 1-2 times in a week, the moxa leaf added a small pair of all right.

Small hint:Remember, must don’t can usually add salt in water steeping feet, so will harm a kidney, easily cause whole body anasarca, already many people because of see some health care newspapers and magazineses up recommend hereafter steep feet with brine but cause whole body the anasarca, endocrine mess and original kidney disease aggravate.The person of beriberi severity can join vinegar in water steeping feet, can disinfect, Yang.

Can insist regularly using bubble’s feet to is already very nice health care method, don’t be old to want to add various Chinese herbal medicine, if isn’t suitable for the condition of your body, on the contrary will get just the opposite.

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