woman’s body

Six desire periods big Jie Mi of woman’s body
Did you become angry again?Or be the emotion low to fall to a little small matter and then cry bitterly?Even if you have consciously control, can to oneself have a little incapable is dint.Though you know this that in fact being not own is wrong, is all disaster that the hormone inside the body asks for, these hormone exactly is how present periodic variety?
The 1–7th day:Menstruation ―― you outward the boundary respond too sensitive

Because the gestation didn’t take place and hanged adjusting of body hormone to control in the brain under, the secreting of the estrogen and the Yun hormone quantity descends in the ovary, the film inside the womb provides blood small artery occurrence spasm constringency, then break, the film inside the womb lacks blood, bad dead and sheds off,poisonous soup hence express in order to menstruate tide, this process about meeting keep on 2-8 day ……this process is physically a kind of living creature body oneself very ingenious adjustment, it makes the film inside the womb that didn’t conceive renewed in time and unlikely take place because of excessively propagating similar cancer so of abnormality variety.Descends because of the ovary hormone level while menstruating tide, wet quantity to slightly increase a little bit in normal times, therefore you feel that your own shape is specially slender, the physique is beautiful.In the meantime, you of the skin also with each passing day become delicate.

The doctor specially hints:These several days, you will be very easily tired and easily catch a cold to catch a cold.Will suggest in the near future according to some surveys, 28% possibilities that the females get sick in the menstruation are higher a little bit in normal times, around more than 70% females feel a bitter menstrual cramp, the symptoms accompanying with still have stomach spasm and diarrhea.While experiencing this period the anti- Ning blood system of your body’s being placed in is activated of appearance, notice to keep warm and take a rest, together enter to avert from a possible issue of blood circumstance, for example surgical operation, dedicate blood ……you certainly also want to shunt a gynecology check.

The menstruation period number file:

A women will have 400 menstruation from cradle to the grave on the average

The menstruation period is on the average as long as 29.5 days, but are all normal for 21-35 days

Once normal menstruation of time is to don’t wait for 2~8 days

Along with the growth of age, the menstruation of female will become short, the great majority the period of the about 35 years old female is 28 days.

The 8–11th day:Egg bubble earlier period(after going by)-you of mind and body all beginning lived to work well preparation for the husband and wife

When menstruation just ended, the creation of ovary estrogen would recover day by day.But estrogen is stimulate the film inside the womb stirs up of foundation,Philip LED it repaired menstruation to shell to take off a surface layer gradually of inside film, and urge it re- increase thick, make the blood vessel enriched day by day and satisfied contain blood.If there is good a period of time your feeling appearance in a month, so was this time, you might as well chase the work of challenge the arrangement complete at this period, that probably will take for oneself and others some surprised pleased.More make what person felt joy BE, even if you don’t have enough many sleeps, these several days you of the skin can still be incredible rosy, have sheen.

The doctor specially hints:Although the estrogen doesn’t stir up chemisette sexual impulse,it can make vagina moist, is richer than flexibility, and make the blood circulation of growing the system provides full amount of blood for vagina to the vagina, for prepare that husband and wife’s life of gestation worked well satisfactory preparation.The check-up that this period is the most suitable to match to carry on whole body of, include the temple neck of gynecology check-up to put on slice and breast from check.If you need to do the treatment or surgical operation of gynecology, for example the vagina be only used a medicine, temple neck to treat or give or get an electric shock a Yu and fallopian tube a liquid etc., now is the most suitable proper time.

The 12–14th day:The egg steeps a later period(ovulate before)-pleased that the moods all write the face at you up

Go to this, you of the estrogen level attain high peak gradually, the egg steeps to immediately develop maturity gradually.The estrogen of Gao level makes the increasing of film in the womb the birthday attain perfect, everything all for expect in of the fertilizied egg implantation make like prepare.In the meantime, you of cervix’s gluing a liquid will start becoming sparse, make the sperm a little bit easily passed womb to combine by arriving fallopian tube and ovum.In this time, pleased that all of the mood write the face at you up, nearby of the person also felt a happiness.This period you of the eloquence is especially good, the sense organs is as well sharper.

The doctor specially hints:Your body has already got ready a pregnancy, therefore you probably will discover you of the sexual appetite will compare usually and severely much, if you adopt rhythm method of birth control, this stage appears a problem most easily,Europe takes charge because the egg steeps the length inconstancy of period, the period of ovulation may take place at any time.Suggest you for this opposite”dangerous” of the stage adopt some special measure.

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