according to own demand

Want the easy weight reduction join a natural weight reduction Chinese herbal medicine quickly concentration camp
Reduce weight a medicine and reduce weight to hold, you once tried, whether feel and hurt body hard again greatly?In fact reduce weight to not necessarily want to torment so oneself, the small plait recommends your few kindses and reduces weight,poisonous soup again beneficial body of reduce weight a Chinese herbal medicine, you can draw up to reduce weight a plan according to own demand.

Have already reduced weight a function maximum amount in the Chinese herbal medicine, have medium very big one part is used to diet food, reduce weight a capsule and reduce weight tea etc., the underneath introduces some in common use reduce weight a Chinese herbal medicine, reduce weight a Chinese herbal medicine and purchase diet foods to all have a good instruction function to your understanding.


Characteristics:Containing hawthorn is sour, sour Rou, soap Mao, fructose, vitamin C, protein, fat oil, amino acids, tartaric acid, citric acid, flavonoid, inside the fat, fresh fat Mao and sugar and the calcium, Lin, and iron…etc..

Effect:Have to extend blood vessel and ease heart burden and increment coronary artery blood quantity, improve a myocardial to provide blood,Europe takes charge provide oxygen and alleviate angina pectoris, stuffy to chest, the heart palpitates contain certain curative effect.Pass is eliminated a food by the Pi to accumulate to make the blood fat lowered thus, have a light body to reduce weight a function.

Dan three

Characteristics:Contain Dan three Tongs and different Dan three Tongs and different concealed Dan three Tongs and vitamin E.

Effect:Live blood to turn Yu and decline a fat to reduce weight, tranquilize the nerves rather heart.

Red flower

Characteristics:The flax is sour, the oil sour etc. unsaturated fatty acid is sour.

Effect:Obviously lower the serum total cholesterol and glycerin three esters.

Mythic fungus

Characteristics:The whole stubses of much bore germ plant purple orchid or red orchid.

Effect:Repress a combining of fat and convert, Struggle justattain cholesterol-lowering, preventĀ°from the artery gruel kind hardening, reduce weight a function.

Chicken blood rattan

Characteristics:The bean section plant airtight flower bean, white flower oil hemp rattan and fragrant flower rock rattan or leaf rock bean rattan.

Effect:Live the blood comfortable Jin and keep artery gruel from kind to harden, reduce weight a function.


Effect:Anti-virus eliminate inflammation, the pure heat counteracts poison, cholesterol-lowering reduce weight.

Taboo:The boiled water pours.

The grass is definitely clear(Cassiae Torae Semen)

Characteristics:Contain big yellow Fen, big Huang Su, big yellow sour, the aloe big Huang Su, big yellow plain glucose Mao, big Huang Su Mao Mao, big Huang Su Jia’s ether, definitely clear vegetable.

Effect:Decline to press, cholesterol-lowering, anti-virus, reduce weight.

Fruit of Chinese wolfberry

Characteristics:The fat main composition is sour for second oil.

Effect:Zi kidney, smooth lung, repair liver, clear eyes, the anti- decrepitude prevents and cures high blood pressure artery hardening, decline a fat to reduce weight.

Taboo:Proper make into to reduce weight a medicine of food.

Lotus leaf

Effect:In addition to vexed quench thirst,That autumn reduce weight to decline a fat.

The benefit female grass

Characteristics:Contain the benefit female grass alkali, water Su’s alkali and benefit female grass to settle, the benefit female grass rather etc. is various alkaloids.

Effect:Live blood to go to Yu and eliminate a fat to reduce weight.


Characteristics:Have the yellow chrysanthemum(picture-news-web page), white chrysanthemum and Hang the chrysanthemum.

Effect:Shu breeze, pure hot and clear eyes, counteract poison, decline a fat and reduce weight.

Taboo:Can make tea to drink.

Hemlock parsley

Effect:Going spirit to open Yu and living blood to relieve pain, dispel breeze is humid, in addition to the fat reduces weight.

Chinese angelica

Characteristics:Contain various amino acidses, mineral quality and vitamin.

Effect:Increase the blood and blood, live blood to turn Yu and decline a fat to reduce weight.

Taboo:Can steep medicine wine, cook a medicine food and move bowels Tang to leak to carefully take.

Mao root

Characteristics:Contain to measure cane sugar, glucose, a little amount fructose and wood more sugar and citric acid, malic acid and grass sour etc..

Effect:Pursue a wet benefit water, light body to decline a fat.

Ze Xie

Effect:Benefit water oozes wet, for the treatment Gao Xie Zhi’s disease, diabetes, fatty liver, suffer a stroke convalescent period etc. all have obvious curative effect.

Chen of the bacterium

Effect:Benefit Dan, decline to press, benefit urine, reduce weight a function.

Notice:Reducing weight the Chinese herbal medicine can make tea, cook water to drink to also make into a soup article together with other materials.But want to be advertent BE, the Chinese herbal medicine reducing weight isn’t that everybody is all suitable, is a colder particularly some medicines cool Chinese herbal medicine, musting once inquire a doctor just can use, taking time of medicine cans not lead to grow, either.

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