disease once in 10 minutes

See cellular phone or urge hair intelligence the cellular phone forcing a disease once in 10 minutes
In the near future, the abroad contain the living quality that several think factories mean that”the intelligence cellular phone force a disease” is lowering people and even threaten health.
The research expresses that this kind of behavior is lowering people’s living quality and even threaten health.

The iPhone that the Joe cloth Si founds makes cellular phone function infinite to expand, the intelligence cellular phone brings a customer many unexpected surprised pleased, in the meantime, also bring person many unexpected linger effects.In the near future, the abroad contain the living quality that several think factories mean that”the intelligence cellular phone force a disease” is lowering people and even threaten health.

So-called”the intelligence cellular phone forces a disease” means that the person who own the intelligence cellular phone will usually not aware of self ground to brush machine and play games and receive and dispatch an information to brush a tiny Bo etc..Generally speaking, looking into a cellular phone can’t more than 30, this still including among them is just pure of open a screen lock or is open the hand on board any procedure.A fact-finding organ in England suggests having 60% young men and 37% adult descriptions oneself the opponent machine”highly become addicted”.Among them, 60% is many of the intelligence cellular phone customer go to bed to also take own cellular phone, the customer of 30% will continuously look into a cellular phone in the ambulation and make to need and dependence of intelligence cellular phone they with surroundings of the world break to open contact, including own friend.A latest research in the United States points out that the each intelligence cellular phone customer has to look into a cellular phone 34 times every day on the average, sometimes frequency more Gao Da Mei’s 10 minuteses is once.

The research of professional organization suggests excessively depending on an intelligence cellular phone to easily make people lose thinking motive and ability to, in the meantime, no longer know usage coffee break to at will amuse.In fact this very harmful mind and body health.Intelligence cellular phone the function is more and more strong and get to the Internet, see e-book, go to the movie, play games, social intercourse, shopping etc., these functions that have to lure dint make people neglect the tired feeling of body, for a long time stare at to begin a machine screen will make eye tired;For a long time lower the head to use a cellular phone will result in neck, arm muscular fatigue.Moreover also making the person get into to deeply sleep to expect is more slow-moving and keep on time also shorter.If sleep not good will make the person’s mental state excrescent sensitive, anxious, the emotion easily undulates, severity of even will have a light degree nervous prostration.The doctor suggests, if has a circumstance like this, should tries to put the cellular phone a little bit farer and, in the meantime, re- develops the habit of exchanges.

Addict a cellular phone to lack a sense of security?

Existing is still by all means reasonable, and represents the development direction of science and technology.The intelligence cellular phone brought us many just to of influence, the information has great capacity and anywhere communicates to acquire the latest information at any time, as a result helped the young man to have quick thinking, the range of experience is also more spacious.

But the problem is equally existent, similar to the net habit, addicting the young man of cellular phone will more neglect nearby of person or matter, interpersonal association time is less, the human relations association became machine association.Actually, all of this are the reason that lacks a sense of security and completely is absorbed in the environment that the intelligence cellular phone constitutes in.White’s getting is similar, is also originate worry anxiously, uneasy, would put out strength to see a cellular phone.See from the psychology angle, intelligence cellular phone habit’s refracting exactly is universal uneasy emotion.Force a disease in the psychological and main judgment symptom BE, know to have no necessity to do like this, but the control don’t live his/her own behavior, from experiment detection of circumstance BE, the intelligence cellular phone user does mostly and really don’t know and like this by himself[herself], and majority of people don’t use very multifariously on the whole, therefore these behavior doesn’t belong to force a disease, more is mental demand.

For student but speech, this kind of behavior can equal net habit.Moreover, the reason of a young men multifarious usage intelligence cellular phone is “showing to put”, when the intelligence cellular phone hasn’t completely made widely available, taking out own cellular phone equally can satisfy his/her own vanity, especially the iPhone wait some more expensive intelligence cellular phones the user is particularly obvious.

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