sausage eat together

Do milk tea and sausage eat together to cause cancer?
A lot of Taiwanese people all love to drink pearl milk tea, however Taiwan Consumer’s Foundation announces the examination result that the market-available pearl milk tea cup drinks and discovers to have 45% pearl milk tea to be all checked to imply anti- type fatty acids;There is 80% sample being checked to contain F two Xis sour antiseptics in the meantime,detailed solutionif eat to still probably cause cancer together with sausage.

According to the “medium wide news” report way in Taiwan, pearl milk tea can be treated as the important beverage that represents Taiwan, however for supporting the consumer’s healthy rights, the Taiwanese Consumer’s Foundation announces the examination that the market-available pearl milk tea cup drinks, discover at with the contracting of cardiovascular disease more related saturated fatty acids and anti- type fat, 20 saturated fatty acidses that check every 100 grams of samples are lain to 0.1-4 grams of;Take excessive will even make the low density fat egg white cholesterol in the body gone up, subsequently pile up in the afferent wall, increase the probability of contracting the cardiovascular disease.

There are 45% samples in this examination checking an anti- type fatty acids, set Consumer’s Foundation means that all of big milk fragrant sources of parts of milk tea are creams, but cream actually and mostly the plant oil there is no the composition of milk,illuminating interruption and may produce through product of hydrogen turn but become to the human body healthily harmful anti- type fatty acids.

In addition, in all samples there is even 80% being checked to imply antiseptic, set Consumer’s Foundation says, add “personal two Xises are sour” pearl milk tea of antiseptic, if eat “sausage” of implying the second nitrate again, probably cause chromosome’s mutating, but have cancer-causing risk.Excessive artificial chemistry set Consumer’s Foundation also reminds that the consumer not and excessively drinks to sugar beverage, otherwise not only possible obese and decayed tooth,England first material, also increase the burden of liver and kidney, have to carefully.

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