refrigerator persimmon

The apple grape can put refrigerator persimmon soft store again
The fruit species that becomes available in the market in autumn is much again cheap, how store these fruits, but let a lot of criminals difficult.Put to refrigerate Yan in refrigerator quick, put fruit basket in the living room and love to recruit an surprised gorgeousIn the near future Taiwan of publication 《Kang Jian 》the magazine write and answered the great hard nut to crack of the fruit hoarding for everyone.

The region in Taiwan serves as the several agricultural product in the United States expansion association product manager’s Hong to add to tell a reader and keep fruit, first essentials what to peg out Chu’s fruit first is “already familiar type” or”empress familiar type”.

“Already familiar type” means while adopting to accept already mature fruit, mainly include a grape, apple, strawberry and cherry peach, water pear and orange.If this fruit directly put under the indoor temperature environment to once will be very quick familiar and lousy drop;Directly put refrigerator and easily run off humidity.The best method is to first wrap up with the paper,emergency mask of pox again the bagging put into refrigerator.This since can prevent°from the refrigerator absorption fruit humidity, and then keep water spirit coagulation from stiring up a germ and become mildewed.

“The empress familiar type” fruit while adopting to accept still the not yet finished whole maturitieses, have to put to put to for a while continue in the indoor temperature environment familiar turn, mainly include peach, plum, banana, rhesus macaque peach, and persimmon…etc..With peach and plum etc. to the fruit of temperature sensitive for example, don’t the ideal conservancy temperature of familiar front is in 10-25 ℃ , in summer must the cool place Be familiar to turn indoors, can immediately refrigerate after slightly becoming soft.If refrigerate before the not yet finished well-done turns, will break fruit organization and run off humidity.

Fruits, such as peach, Lee, kiwi and sweet persimmon…etc. whether maturity can distinguish according to the soft degree of hardness.Buy back to put to put for around 2 dayses in the indoor temperature environment generally, a little bit become soft and then can put into refrigerator to refrigerate.Tropical fruit, if the Bo Luo, banana, mango, and papaya…etc. are more afraid cold, mature behind refrigerate, suggest for longer than two days not.

It is advertent to also need in addition there aring some fruits ability and other vegetable and fruits doing not putting together, like apple, pear, papaya, and banana…etc..wrinkly maskThis fruit will release “ethylene” air in the mature process and accelerate a fruit of mature and aging, if put other vegetable and fruits and this kind of fruit together, easily aging and putrefied in advance.Bad the fruit dropping will also release ethylene, therefore, in a heap of fruit, if have 1 is bad, will immediately pick

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