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100-year-old old man all what does the love eat?
Recently, the country of world longevity investigates regiment and replies Dan university the graduate school carried on to go and see a survey to 100100-year-old old mans in the region and discovered some longevities secrets that in brief and easily go such as the Gao longevity.重金屬

From the force beginning of Qin Huang Han, the mankind have been being looking for the secret of longevity, it is old man’s specially many places to particularly is a longevity, and total someone wants to go an and investigates unexpectedly.In the our country, in addition to in addition to expecting horse and Xinjiang and farmland, these two longevity countries with well-known world, Guangxi also had a place to ascend recently”global longevity placard”.

On September 5, 2011, Jiangsu province such as Gao City drive international natural medical science will, the world longevity country science attestation committee reviews for the country of world the sixth longevity, this is should organize from 1991 unique affirm of longevity country.According to the statistics, have 265 people such as the old man of the Gao longevity over 100 years of age, 80 years old above have 6.7 myriad peoples, 100-year-old old man’s total amount resides the head of whole country.More special BE, the longevity old man of the region mostly the eye don’t spend an ear not deaf, the life takes care of ~ for oneself ability very strong.Among them, as old man’s amount over 90 years of age that the 100-year-old old man prepares a soldier, is farer far high than 37 in the last yearses always Japanese Okinawa that reside “Japanese longevity first”.

The country of another 5 longevities is Ba Ma of China Guangxi, Xinjiang and farmland, the Pakistan rare Sa and outside region of Gao Jia Suo and Bill of the Ecuador respectively in the world card class Ba.Those 100-year-old old mans in the place are firm heap of, 6710-year-old persons are only called “green prime of life”.But chance and opportunity strangely fits of BE, the country of these longevities wants Yao to be placed in high cold district,手機上網時輻射最強 the Yao resides a secluded mountain area, like the environment of the utopia and the air of the delightfully fresh purity, let long residing citied people can hope but the interest sigh.But such as Gao City ground in the middle of department chief river downstream plain, nearby industrial flourishing region, positive because there are no too many inborn advantages, the longevity here contains just more precious experience, worther most people draws lessons from.

Recently, the country of world longevity investigates regiment and replies Dan university the graduate school carried on to go and see a survey to 100100-year-old old mans in the region and discovered some longevities secrets that in brief and easily go such as the Gao longevity.

Like to drink a gruel sooner or later

Investigate a result:such as Gao old man the favourite vegetable is a green vegetables(south call Chinese cabbage or ear horse’s vegetables, north call small rape), Chinese chives and spinach;The favourite staple food is a corn, buckwheat, big rice;The near 80%100-year-old old man likes to drink a gruel sooner or later.

Expert’s reading:”the effect of food not only is prevent°from disease, in some paroxysm instaurations and the under medical treatments also had an important function, prolonged the sufferer’s life span, probably is also such as Gao longevity of reason.”International natural medical science will the president of association, the world longevity country investigate round and round long Sen the bottom respect a to tell 《 life Times 》 reporter, ” from my clinical experience to saywenquan, the chronic disease sufferer should eat acrospire more and ferment food.”

Make reference to the longevity the aged favourite green vegetables, professor from Chinese medicine medicine university dietetics in Peking week Jian tells a reporter and there is abundant folic acid in the rape, the content of mineral materials, such as calcium and potassium…etc. is also very abundant, these nourishment materials can strengthen the resistibility of machine body, is a healthy human body bodyguard.Moreover, the rape has to live a blood function, usually eating can lower the blood sticky dense degree and contribute to protecting heart cerebral health.Chinese chives, the folks is called “strong sun grass” and have to restore virility the effect of strengthening the sun, majority of sun debility of old peoples are weak and usually eat healthful.In the meantime, there is abundant meal fiber in the Chinese chives, can promote bowel way peristalsis, to prevent old people’s constipation from having good effect.Spinach in addition to keep blood smooth dry, the most outstanding advantage is to imply to change with yellow spot sexually transmitted disease .

The corn is often to eat of thick miscellaneous food, the country old man’s health of the longevity also cans not gets away from its help.Corn since Jian Pi and then benefit water contribute to prevent°froming old man fat, and imply abundant xanthophylls and contribute to protecting eyes.The buckwheat is divided into 2 kinds, the bitter buckwheat declines the effect of sugar and surpasses a sweet buckwheat, and having a diabetic person can much eat.

The habit that has “two gruels one rice” such as the 100-year-old old man of Gao, the morning drinks a gruel to regulate appetite, in the evening drink a gruel to restore virility effect very good.Need to be advertent BE, had better put while cooking a corn gruel some sour convert visit to leave a type, is betterly absorbed exploitation by the human body.In addition, corn gruel and big rice gruel want to mix to eat, in order to prevent nourishment one.

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