self-make a Ling

After signing a winter self-make a Ling shell the pear cream stop coughing to turn phlegm for autumn
Since today, “everyday one vegetables” column eyes will from all new”anticipate’ food’ like absolute being” column eyes act for, Monday go to release five styles of health foods to treat every week on Friday, let you eat healthy and happy!From sign a winter to spring begins this time, si zhong shuibei heshui feixanis the inning that keeps lung.Can self-make a Ling shell pear cream after signing a winter for autumn.
Food material:Autumn pear 500 gs, the fritillary female 6 gs, fu ling 12 gs, few honey, the sugar is few

Way of doing:

1, the autumn pear wash squeeze to do pear juice clearly and;

2, join sugar, honey in pear juice, use the fire cook system;

3, join again to beat into floury fritillary later on mother, fu ling, use a tiny fire cook to the thick dense form namely become.

This square smooth lung stops coughing and eats 2~3 Shaos every day and have already helped to resist to catch a cold in winter

39 food absolute being specially reminds:shuiqianxiaobaoyang

A, stop coughing to the smooth lung, treat at more dry, the weather much change of people, more need this food treat.

China east region:The winter volume of rain is abundant this year, damper and cold, can consider feeling decrease.

China west region:The weather variety is quick, winter dry, can much take every day some.

South region in China:Moister in winter this year, 冬季減肥can consider feeling decrease.

North China region:The weather is dry, can much take every day some.

Region in China:The this place area is dry in winter, can much take every day some.

Two, the teenager and old peoples be greatly little to use the food repairing to treat a square.

Teenager:The quick temper is prosperous and follow behind a region then.

Medium prime of life:The resistibility is stronger and follow behind a region then.

Old people:The not good old people of lung condition are edible, but measure each time can not much.

39 food the absolute being remind every Thursday:

Gold to in response to the lung, with breath way the disease is related, if have already been short of breath, stuffy chest, a cough, breather, the speech lowly etc. symptom, need to keep lung.

Lung the strongest time:Lung at 7~9:00 the weakest time:Strong lung keyword at 21~23:00:Smooth

The house resides to keep a lung method:Every morning 8~10:00 or afternoon is 3~5 points and inhale with the nose,profession of LED the mouth breathe out and totally do 12 times and insist having the function that add the lung spirit shortage over a long period of time.

Still want advertent BE, don’t be tired at ordinary times, little health for getting angry, quiting smoking wine for the lung department also very has an advantage.

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