vestigate a personnel

Participation”1217″ financial big cases investigates case that the check Cha hospital in province of work investigate a personnel to exclusively reveal that while accepting this report special visiting to investigate back the behavior doesn’t know of detail-”the case material exactly fills up 13 cupboards”

On November 8, the sea south province checks a Cha hospital anti- be greedy for public prosecutor in the bureau court star for week one face is excited and expend them for 8 years, 到會服務the financial big case principal offender of energy-Chinese agriculture bank sea the south face Gao Xuan2 Zhi to go original vice- line of long Chen Jian to learn to bring to the court for prosecution.

Reporter:Please introduce the characteristics of”1217″ projects.

Week court star:”1217″ projects aren’t only that year

The sea south case is worth the biggest economic case, and the case is the most complicated and involve of commit crime means to reach to 20 varieties.Commit crime to have no regulation, have no composition, and almost make a case every day, at will sex is very big.Chen Jian learns the bank be opened as his house of similar, want how do how do, adopt a direct thief to pay the Qi business unit savings and falsely increase savings and issue a deceitful loan etc.美食到會the means corruption appropriate public funds.Moreover, that case is much involved, the personnel signed 34 and pursued having of criminal responsibility 34 people.

Reporter:Understand according to us, that year checks Cha organization and public security official’s section while arresting Chen Jian to learn always the persistence gave him the very big earthquake Zhe unremittingly.

Week court star:Yes.The strength that made track for to escape at that time is very big.Save a public security official the hall is facing Gao, Dan state to develop to twice and large-scalely make track for to escape an activity and used more than 500 peoples Jings and 10 police dogs to round mountain to hunt for.The province checks a Cha hospital to still ask Guangdong province to check a Cha hospital to support help’s investigating, and help to check cloth to control in Guangzhou and Zhan river two sides.Also send out to help to check a notice to more than 30 airport police substations in the whole country and the police departments.

Reporter:Could you say that”1217″ cases are in the weight in that year with some datas?

Week court star:That year project set the all member exactly did for more than a years, successfully recovering a Zang style the booty was more than 10000 dollarses 1000.Learning Chinese The file of case fills up exactly 13 cupboards.

Reporter:What feeling do you have now?

Week court star:I mean to say and give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice is the suspect’s only exit at the escaped convict offense.

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