about 100 countries or regions to participate in this forum activities

A senior Iranian government official said Wednesday that Western sanctions will make Iran

several U.S. media reports, the U.S. government plans to involve 21 sanctions against Iran later announced a new decision.



He said Iran sanctions strategy should also be more

recent issues involving Iran and then into the international community focus. 8th International Atomic Energy Agency released a report this month, identifying previously developed a nuclear weapon and Iran-related activities may now be continued. Iran, the report criticized the

U.S. officials earlier position, will continue to pressure Iran. Analysts believe that the introduction of new sanctions may be one of the options the U.S. government. Russia and many countries oppose new sanctions against Iran, advocates a peaceful dialogue to solve the issue.

praise law in Canada that the United States and other Western countries themselves will also suffer losses due to sanctions, including loss of oil supply reduction and investment opportunities and markets.

He said Iran can in many ways to safeguard their energy trade with the international community, such as cooperation with more countries, off.

plus praise new sanctions law, held a press conference in the same day, several U.S. media reports, the U.S. intends to publish later in the day involved a new Iran sanctions a decision.

unnamed government official told the

this identification will allow the U.S. government on Iran, enable the

unnamed official said the U.S. government may introduce new sanctions aimed at the export to Iran’s oil and petrochemical industry of goods and services to prevent foreign investment.

media and political analysts agree that the United States is considering sanctions against Iran faced a dilemma.

Reuters predicted that the U.S. will not cut off the entire Iranian financial sector, because it may bring chaos and global energy markets affect the U.S. economic recovery.

an unnamed Western officials told the

the United States and other Western countries to identify Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons, Iran insists its nuclear program for civilian purposes.

participants refused to continue Iran’s 21 nuclear issue in IAEA report on Iran’s hard-line stance on display, refused to take part, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency, involves the establishment of a nuclear-forum activities .

the Permanent International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asgar Soltanieh said the Iranian government that the decision was the IAEA

accordance Soltanieh say, another reason for Iran’s refusal to participants is the attitude of Israel’s nuclear activities of these forums can not achieve real results.

he accept Iran success.

Israel is widely considered the only nuclear weapons in the Middle East countries to side is neither admitted nor denied. Israel has not signed the

IAEA Director General Amano 21 weapon-free zone in the Middle East Forum meeting called on Israel and other countries in the region to establish a nuclear-open thinking on the issue.

about 100 countries or regions to participate in this forum activities, participants will hear weapon-free zones in other parts of the experience.


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