and that 28 this month Japan’s parliamentary elections will proceed as scheduled. However

Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, the Egyptian Armed Forces Supreme Council Xitantawei the evening of 22 televised speech, announced the resignation of the Cabinet to accept Xiela Fu, will form a national salvation government, in the next year June 30 presidential election, and that 28 this month Japan’s parliamentary elections will proceed as scheduled. However, the current situation, the military statement only partially meet the political demands of the demonstrators, the protests is difficult to completely subside.

Ministry of Health, 23, said the Egyptian capital Cairo and other places on the 18th since the demonstrations conflict continues, has caused 32 deaths and 2000 injuries. Ministry of Health spokesman said the Cairo locals are mostly dead. Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency news agency quoted security sources as saying the conflict has resulted 180 police and soldiers were wounded.

military said do not want to control the power

Tantawi said that the military requirements of the current cabinet formed before the new government to continue to exercise his powers, the latest presidential election be held before June 30 next year. He said the Supreme Council of the armed forces do not want to control the power, if the people want, you can immediately transfer by way of referendum power. According to the military originally planned, the transfer of power in the period around the end of next year.

a clear timetable for the transition period is a key demand of protesters. The military is clearly in the violence intensified under pressure made the decision.

military response to the demonstrators from the latest key parliamentary elections only a week. Cairo University political science professor Nuha that the military that it will not long-term power to quell the demonstrations, to ensure that elections be held as scheduled, so that transitional arrangements are not to be disturbed due to protests.

people demanded immediate transfer of power

speech in Tantawi, the heart of Cairo’s Liberation Square demonstrators did not significantly reduced. 23, Liberation Square, downtown Cairo is still tens of thousands of protesters gathered, they asked the Egyptian Supreme Council of the armed forces to hand over power immediately. Protesters and security forces defend the Interior Ministry personnel in the square near the intensification of the conflict.

Square demonstrations in the youth organization Another group, The two organizations are the major organizers of the protests.

military dialogue meeting convened 22 participants is limited to freedom and Justice Party, waffle resign, Sala Fei bright party faction, the Islamic political party and the Democratic Front party center representatives, organize protests The Therefore, analysts believe that the military party consensus and dialogue do not represent the aspirations of all parties.

Nuha that the military position is not clear when the new government was established, there is no mechanism to explain the implementation of the transfer of power, nor police brutality demonstrators condemned the attitude.

military power transfer plan and the requirements of young demonstrators still significant gaps. Young protesters believe that the military actually ambiguous attitude of the surface clear. Their misgivings about the intentions of the military, so the protest will continue to maintain pressure, and observe the military next.


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