counterfeit market chain

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security dispatching a total of 29 provinces and 170 cities in the public security organs to carry out manufacturing and selling fake drugs to combat crime, successful campaign to close the net project cluster around the country the police arrested the suspect 1776, destroyed the crime of manufacturing and selling fake drugs 350 gangs and seized more than 308 million counterfeit tablets, according to genuine value over $ 2 billion.

and so large a pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting operations, from (Zhejiang Province) Jinhua police during a routine inspection.

acquisition of large pharmaceutical packaging

let us look back four months ago. July 20, Taxi Management Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau found standing in a routine check, take a taxi from Anhui Li Guiyong, carrying more than 700 sets of drug packaging materials to Hangzhou. Police keenly felt, Li Guiyong carry large amounts of expensive prescription drugs imported packaging, it may be used for counterfeiting.

police reported the matter to the Jinhua Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment. Soon, they received instructions detachment: immediate release, bait. Li Guiyong grow breath, but he did not know that he has been firmly locked in. Police investigation, we learned that Li Guiyong usually live in Hangzhou, his father and two brothers are engaged in pharmaceutical packaging-related business, a person from Ningbo, Wenzhou, Quzhou, etc. buy expensive imported drugs packaging, bottle and label. They all parts of And others by Li Guiyong hand, mailed to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Heilongjiang, Tianjin and other places.

discovered facts of the case, Jinhua, Yiwu public security authorities quickly set up two task force to carry out the investigation. Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Public Security Department under the command of the task force was removed in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other places, through the capital flow, logistics, information flow and other information involved to carry out careful investigation, involving 23 provinces and cities to find out the final 347 of manufacturing and selling fake clues.

counterfeit market chain

the formation of interest task force to start from the drug packaging materials, son of 4 people found Ligui Yong-based membership group of pharmaceutical packaging materials, Anhui Mengcheng recovery personnel, and activities in their Shanghai, Guangzhou, a group of pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling staff contact each other more closely. Meanwhile, membership in Anhui Province Lixin Wang Mou and other personnel criminals based in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling area, and surrounding areas to identify local hospital cleaning staff, the acquisition of a variety of drugs prescribed to them boxing kits, brochures , bottles, boxes, etc..

Subsequently, the panel found that in-depth investigation, drug packaging materials and more flow Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanghai and other places. In Beijing, Heilongjiang staff to purchase packaging materials Heilongjiang Hulan, membership officer to the North Pine, packaging materials purchased in Shanghai to Anhui membership-based staff, after they buy drug packaging materials, and a large number of drug sales and online sales prescription drug information.

After investigation, police found counterfeit market has formed a gray chain of interest: the bottom of a hospital cleaner, and the second layer is responsible for the acquisition of the broker each hospital, the third layer is the acquisition of the box wholesalers, the fourth layer is the counterfeit business. All localities between members of the pro with friends, close, not to help end gang, interests are intertwined. At the same time, involving a wide range of drugs, mostly prescription drugs, mainly for anti-cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, chronic hepatitis B and so on. As the high cost of anti-cancer drugs, a bottle of medicine up to two or three million, therefore, involves the most anti-tumor drugs. In addition, suspects generally adopted way of family-owned production and processing all kinds of counterfeit, process simple and rough, without any disinfection equipment, hardware tools alone some of the rental housing by filling, blending and other illegal production and processing all kinds of big fake medicine.

network is the main channel for counterfeit

after 4 months of careful investigation, the Ministry of Public Security and other provinces in the investigation of the integration of manufacturing and selling counterfeit case, the organization launched a crack down on selling Battle of counterfeit crime cluster. The action, Jinhua police arresting 25 and seized more than 5930 counterfeit boxes, involving mifepristone tablets, Viagra, insulin injection, Norvasc, Lipitor, Plavix and more than 20 varieties seized drug packaging materials 1.4 million sets (pieces).

Police said the network as well as some unscrupulous pharmacies, clinics have become the main distribution channel for counterfeit drugs, which sell fake drugs situation highlights the network. Since last year, Li Guiyong and other personnel in Hangzhou, Anhui membership to 0.5 to 1000 yuan of price ranges, from the hands of hospital cleaning staff complete the acquisition of pharmaceutical packaging, brochures, bottles, boxes, etc., and counterfeit packaging sold to Beijing , Liu Liang, Heilongjiang and other places for criminals such as the production of counterfeit foreign Pfizer, Solvay Pharma, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Roche and other companies of anti-tumor, the treatment of cardiovascular and other drugs, to Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Shanghai, 23 provinces of Hebei, pharmacies, clinics, and through network marketing to patients.

remind the public security organs, the masses to refrain from freeloaders, blind to buy drugs, to choose hospitals and pharmacies to buy drugs from a regular, guard against being taken.


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