it is not possible through the application

BEIJING, December 8, according to Taiwan’s on her two children to the state welfare department office, armed confrontation with the police seven hours after the first shot of the children, then himself.

Revolver in Texas border town of La Ruide City Hall State Health Services Division office, there were about 30 civil servants and the public present. Rachel was the mother. Ge Ruimu children are shot year-old son and twelve year old daughter, the deceased daughter was in the face during the confrontation the book (Facebook) release information that may die. Loss of consciousness are the children of the deceased, was first sent to the local hospital, then transferred to the aircraft close to the big city of San Antonio hospital six days out of the woods yet night, Ge Ruimu then died on the spot.

Police said 38-year-old woman Rachel. Ge Ruimu worked in several states apply for benefits but was denied from the Ohio-Thani recently moved to Las town Texas, in July this year the first application for Food Stamps, still refused.

Ge Ruimu the afternoon of 5 to state government welfare office, she took the children into the reception room, you took out a gun.

Police to keep in touch by telephone with Ge Ruimu her federal and state government departments for many dissatisfied, office manager Reese voluntary hostage to exchange for time in the office all the other left.

Ge Ruimu night Reese was released, but still stay in the reception room with two children. Police sent hostage negotiators, but Ge Ruimu constantly on the phone. 11:45 at night, she was the last time on the phone, negotiators then heard three gunshots, mingled with a child’s cries, rushed into the reception room of special police forces to find Gerui Mu’s body and two children seriously injured .

Texas Health Services Department spokesman said Goodman, the state child protection authorities did not file this family, Ge Ruimu apply for Food Stamps in July, the state government requested an interview, but she did not show up, but later did not go time to interview other electrical arrangements, it is not possible through the application, did not delay or make things difficult.


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