to recover the remaining stolen money .

Zhongguang Wang Chongqing December 20 news ( reporter Liu Zhan ) Chongqing Municipal First Intermediate People’s Court was yesterday pronounced the verdict of the Yuzhong District Administrative Committee of Agricultural Science and Technology Park Ji-Rong Wen , former deputy secretary of the suspected embezzlement case : Ji-Rong Wen was sentenced to death , suspended for two years .

The court found : 2001, Ji-Rong Wen presided over Yubei its agribusiness and its affiliated companies restructuring of his office, they were all in the company under the state ‘s Yubei gardening market gardening market and a subsidiary of Li Ka gardening field , Shiping horticultural field restructuring process , the number of workers placed by a fictitious , false corporate assets, restructuring costs and other means to conceal corruption Karl market gardening , horticulture farm land Shiping comprehensive total of 1911 million yuan price of gold owned by their actual control of the private all company and be dominated . After the incident, has recovered stolen money 18 million.

Court that the national staff as Ji-Rong Wen , use their positions to facilitate the placement of the number of employees to take a fictitious , false corporate restructuring costs , and other means to conceal assets , corruption, comprehensive land price of gold more than 1911 million, his behavior constituted a crime of corruption according to law shall be sentenced to death immediately. But after their crimes truthfully confessed his crime , and paid back most of the stolen money , according to a lighter punishment, then sentenced to death , suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of personal property , has recovered the stolen money 18 million yuan shall be forfeited to the state treasury , to recover the remaining stolen money .


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