the reporter first came to the building adjacent to a unit with the Bureau of Statistics

In recent days, one being set on fire on the news of the Office of the Secretary caused a number of public concern. Allegedly, a man carrying poured gasoline on himself first, and then pouring the office ignited, the results they have been burned seriously injured, Bureau of Statistics Moumou minor injuries. December 22, the reporter visited the investigation in Anhui Lu’an City, also be informed in advance of the man suspected of municipal organs. For what happened, the parties were not a direct response to the local police in the investigation. The cause for the local fire different opinions, there was speculation may involve

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Bureau of Statistics, Office of the risk of smoke

12 months late, a six An arson Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Office of the message being spread in the local, by many people’s attention.

news, The reason is, some hair burnt.

12 9 is Friday, followed by the weekend, have claimed that, in the subsequent arrival of the Secretary to work Monday, and set fire to those who are in the hospital for treatment.

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fire true, unexplained things

what is not as widely circulated? December 22, this reporter went to investigate Lu’an City. Lu’an City Bureau office is located in Building 10, the administrative center of the city within.

day at 10 am, the normal working hours, the reporter first came to the building adjacent to a unit with the Bureau of Statistics, 9, a reference to things, two responded that the office staff are himself was not there, does not know this. The answer to the security gate building is also exactly the same. However, the loss of security then called the day of fire.

incident Lu’an City Bureau of Statistics Moumou the office door closed, the reporter approached the door did not get a response. In the room opposite the office of the Secretary, a man said he was in the Other staff confirmed that the December 9, a fire did occur.

Lu’an Municipal Statistics Bureau, said a staff member, the day the majority of the council staff are concentrated in the conference room next to participate in the study, but at 16 o’clock she suddenly smelled something burning taste, then the Secretary’s office only to find out a fire. Some people call the police.

It is understood that the day the office of the burned area is not large, the firefighters arrived, the building’s staff will use the building’s fire extinguisher put the fire out. Bureau staff said this was to see the Secretary’s hand as if injured. For the cause of the fire within the Office of the Secretary, the staff said that knowledge.

one insider said he later learned, the ignition of the man in the room holding a bottle, while the bottle is filled with gasoline. The man poured gasoline in the office in his own body, which was then poured in the office, after the point of a fire, severe injuries after the man was taken to hospital.

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