129 sets of real estate transactions

New Year’s Day deserted during the first-tier cities to continue the property market, buyers wait and see mood strong, Beijing, Shanghai property market turnover fell sharply year on year. This bleak situation is mainly because the developers do not give sales force, led by only a small amount of real estate over to the buyers just need to attract, turnover rose slightly.

Insiders pointed out that in 2012 the property market regulation will not relax, only to drive prices continue to fall until the volume is expected to pick up. Increase in the expected future supply, the developer is facing more serious situation, the property market may enter the

Substantial decline in housing turnover

Property transactions in Shanghai during the bleak New Year. NetEase property data center, according to statistics, January 1, 2012 Shanghai 84 sets of real estate transactions; Shanghai on January 2, 129 sets of real estate transactions, including residential real estate turnover is only 21 sets; January 3, 97 sets of real estate transactions in Shanghai .

And compared to previous years, the New Year holiday, the Shanghai property market turnover in 2012 a huge decline. January 1, 2011 to 3, New Year’s Day three days without transaction data, but in the next two days, the Shanghai property market on the blowout, January 4, 933 sets of real estate transactions, January 5, 960 sets of transactions. And New Year period in 2010 before the daily trading volume of about 500 housing units in 2009, daily trading volume during the New Year there are 350 sets.

Statistics agency, in Beijing January 1, 2012 -2 days residential (including new and existing homes) net total of 335 units, compared with the same period in 2011 dropped 67%. Which houses net total of 323 residential units, down 66% year on year; secondary net total of 12 residential units, down 84% year on year.

Shenzhen property market performance more stable. January 1 and 2, 159 units of residential transactions in Shenzhen, with 160 sets of the same period in 2010, essentially flat compared. Average transaction price from 16,469 yuan per square meter in 2010 up to 2012′s 20,849 yuan per square meter. Analysis of the industry, the New Year in Shenzhen property market turnover average price during the one hand, and the transaction may be related to the structure, it also shows substantial loosening of the Shenzhen property market has not yet begun, the current in the sale of the new disc also the Lord.

Guangzhou New Year period or even cancel a lot of real estate promotions. Central Plains real estate project manager of Guangzhou Huang Tao estimates that the turnover of property Guangzhou New Year’s Day which fell 20% -30%, the average transaction price is higher than about 10% over the same period last year.

Cause I love my family group (microblogging) Hu Jinghui, vice president (microblogging) that Beijing, Shanghai and other places during the 2012 New Year’s Day domestic net signed volume compared with 2011 although sales of, but with the recent Dragon Boat Festival 2011 Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day compared to trading volume has been significantly warmer. Fourth quarter of 2011 the price of new and existing homes continue to fall, inspired some buyers who will buy a house.

Poor fineness real estate marketing

Before and after New Year’s Day (December 31, 2011 to January 3, 2012), has six residential projects in Shanghai opened, housing a total of 1,300 sets of launch, the opening price of about 23,000 yuan / square meter, which is nearly six weeks average price for the first time since opening more than 20,000 yuan / square meter.

Overall, the January 2012 Shanghai New site listing the number of rare, only eight projects expected opening, not only compared with December 2011 the number greatly reduced, not to the January 2011 opening number by half. Low-cost market housing will continue until the general benefits, there came yet more concessions. Analysis of the industry, Shanghai’s developers seem to have deliberately avoided the traditional low season in January, Chinese New Year earlier this year, the property market in 2011 with .

Beijing property market is waiting to see atmosphere. China Securities Journal (microblogging) reporter interviewed found that the crowd did a few showings during New Year’s Day, but most to wait and see. Sales office staff said that most of the showings are just over the field, One critically, said:

Because of the strong price expectations, the majority of prospective home buyers now more inclined to purchase existing homes. New Year period, the Beijing property market, the new opening of the project is not much. East Asia is located in Daxing District Jiugong rings International is one of the few opening on January 1, one of the items, the average price of 14,500 yuan / square meter in 2014 to stay. Real estate sales, said the New Year during the consultation and a lot of showings, but most are still

New Year’s Day holiday in Guangzhou several indicators of real estate prices have not been loosened. Hutchison Whampoa coral Panyu project in the New Year holiday peak day does not have any benefits, Guangzhou was once known as the price of coral-day peak of the first set, now the price has returned to the high, rough housing 17,000 yuan / square meter. Yuexiu District is selling in the East Bonaventure Plaza, price 29000-38000 yuan / square meter, the average price of 33,000 yuan, known as

Price cut is expected to open

For 2012, the property market trends, Asian high (microblogging) Guo Yi, director of marketing for that trading volume in 2011 continued to decline in residential prices caused by loose regulation of the property market in 2012 will not relax, this will deepen the market price expectations and buyers bargain-hunting mentality. Buyers will make collective watching the first half of the property market turnover in 2012 is still hard to warming, but the real estate market will continue to increase fear, more intense development of enterprise funds.

On the one hand, 2009,2010 to peak for two years after the project started in 2011 there has been wave. Case Study of Beijing, from January to November 2011, Beijing city commercial residential new construction area of ​​24.452 million square meters, up 45.5% over the previous year, starts in the increase means that many projects into the opening On the other hand, light property transactions in 2011, listed some of the delays in new projects, but the drag in 2012, the developer has the financial pressure to the high in urgent need of Sales Outstanding ease the financial difficulties, would have braved the risk of forcing the market opened.

Beijing Zhongyuan Zhang Dawei, director of market research that almost all major cities in 2011 the property market have suffered no immune to cold. 2012, China’s real estate market, in the 10% of third-tier cities fell about the possibility of very large.

Previously in one fell swoop below the Real estate officials say, before the only ones who enjoy the pricing strategy that can beat the gun market, future market pressure is still great, the developer only to give up fantasy, given the psychological expectations of buyers who meet the price, it may quickly return the funds. A sale of the Star River in Shanghai, Huang Tsai, chairman, said the initiative is to lower the price control policy response, the current real estate industry has entered the winter.

World Union Properties (11.21, -0.11, -0.97%) (microblogging) Chairman Chen Jinsong (microblogging), recently said that the developer is now down to price and not only to buy other way. First half of 2012 will be conducive to the formation of a real environment for developers to cut prices, then the developer’s sales from the current

Many real estate insiders said it expects first quarter of 2012, or will have a more substantial


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