Experian HitWise released in less than a week before the above data

January 5 , according to foreign media reports, local network data company Experian HitWise 2 data showed Google + December 2011 the number of visitors reached 49 million U.S. passengers, more than in November increased by 55%.

Google + first time in October last year, open to all Internet users , the month will hit 25 million visits , followed by the number of visits in November rose to 30 million . Google + in the main social networking products will also Google’s Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube and other applications .

Experian HitWise released in less than a week before the above data , the market research firm Ancestry.com founder Paul Allen (Paul Allen) that Google + in the world already has 62 million users , nearly new users every day 62.5 million . Alan local time on December 27 in a published article that : days of 62.5 million new users registrations , the total number of registered users is expected on February 25 this year will exceed 100 million people, to August 3 will reach 200 million people in 2012 at the end of this figure will reach 293 million or people. years exceeding 4 PHYLLIS mark.

Previously , according to market research firm Nielsen statistics , Internet users visit Facebook every month around the time of 7 hours, while browsing Google + time less than 2 hours; compared to Google search , Google + , the users often prefer to spend time View video on YouTube .


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