nearly half of the country.

Dalian PX complex mass production

According to the First Financial Daily News December 22, a mysterious 19, the project is located in Dalian Jinzhou New Area Administrative Committee an official said, he did not know this

So-called And a noteworthy point is that authoritative information is displayed, on December 8, held in Dalian Fujia Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical companies such as transformation of the overall relocation planning feasibility studies. At the meeting, Mayor of Dalian Lee Wan was said in favor of the proposed program Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical enterprise group in due course as a whole move.

According to reports, complete elimination of risk, safety rectification meet the requirements of the premise, agreed to resume production of ‘The main spirit of the requirements, please accept Fujia normal group of related businesses for work.

One person said that the government’s request, Fujia in September this year had a shutdown, but since late September has been present in the normal production.

A Dalian relevant officials claimed, and can now reveal the attitude of the Crown: the existing Fujia Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical companies such as upgrading the relocation and construction group new petrochemical industrial park overall planning, compliance with government guide, the main business principles, in the relocation technological upgrading of enterprises and industrial upgrading.

The official said that Lee Wan was also the recent statement in favor of the

Reported that, in Fujia two former factory found in front of the bus stop, one after another loaded with earth and rock materials, some large vehicles entering the plant. Seen in the vicinity of the height, number of devices emitting steam plant in the region as well as white gas, and rumble, some workers around the equipment inspection.

Work in a nearby construction site workers, said Fujia within the plant noise is not usually large, but can see a small amount of white smoke gases. Dagushan Dagushan power plant will always be along the normal to the production of corporate supply, Fujia is no exception.

Reports indicate, the industry said that China has more than a dozen PX device manufacturer, Fujia production ranked fifth, five companies account for a total capacity of domestic PX (nearly 900 million tons), nearly half of the country.

PX product in accordance with the recent market over 1400 U.S. dollars / ton prices Fujia PX year, sales of only $ 1 billion or so. In theory, the cut-off a month means less than 80 million dollars in revenue.

Officials confirmed the resumption of production in Dalian PX

According to the Daily News reported that on December 29, Dalian municipal government official said, Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Fujia PX (paraxylene) project, through consolidation and safety standards, the recent recovery has been production. Cancel the project for the relocation rumors, he stressed that the relocation of the project is still advancing, not stagnation, nor the

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