Formally established in 2009

Recently, the The article points out, the Ministry of Defense is developing a virus, the virus attacks can be the case, follow it to detect attacks on the reverse path, and the source of the attack to fight. At the same time, the virus also has the ability to gather intelligence. This again raises the

Blockbuster show

November 2 that year, the U.S. 23-year-old Cornell University computer science students to Morris, the use of computer programs to manipulate the virus, invade the United States Department of Defense Strategic c4i system at all levels of computer control center and command center. This led to about 8500 Taiwan computer virus, of which about 6000 can not function properly, resulting in millions of dollars in direct economic losses.

The network warfare in military applications, began in the 1991 Gulf War. U.S. Secret Service to the Iraqi air defense systems purchased from France the use of printer chips, implanted the virus into the chip, and remote activation of the virus before the raid. Iraqi air defense command center so the host computer system procedures have confusion, air defense systems c3i system failure, so as to attack the U.S. military to provide convenient conditions.

Analysts pointed out that network warfare gradually become a new form of warfare, with war in the traditional, while itself began as a relatively independent sphere of war.

The rapid development

In recent years, network warfare this In 2002, the Pakistani hacker group This cost the Department of Defense network management personnel eight hours after the break to change the password. In 2007, the Estonian Soviet war dead in World War II monument mobile behavior, attracted to its network of large-scale Russian attack, the government had cut off the love and the international network. The matter by the media as a July 2010, the U.S. war in Afghanistan, 90,000 copies of classified documents be

Last year, world-wide In May, the world’s number one arms supplier Lockheed Martin and several other U.S. military enterprises to hacker attacks. In July, the Iranian nuclear power plant to use Germany’s Siemens (microblogging) industrial control systems have been considered from Israel’s country’s nuclear development program was forced to delay for two years. In September, Japan’s largest arms supplier Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the company’s 83 servers and personal computers were attacked, attacked the 11 factories primarily for submarines, missiles and nuclear power plants to provide equipment and components.

Recruiting countries

Today, cyberspace has risen with the sea, land, air, space, side by side, Ability to control the network to become an important national component of military strength. Therefore, countries have taken measures to strengthen the forces of its own network, and enhance network protection and control of space:

Formally established in 2009, the United States the world’s first According to defense experts, Joel Harding’s assessment in 2010, the number of U.S. troops should be in sites around 8.87 million people, equivalent to 7 101 Airborne Division. Early in 2001 the British established a secret military under 军情六处 hacker in 2009, then introduced the first National Cyber ​​Security Strategy, the establishment of networks and network security center security office, and the 21st century with 19th century network security safety at sea compared. Russian analysts believe that cyber warfare is the South Korea since 2000, annual defense budget to 5% used to

Thus, it appeared in the field of cyber warfare arms race. With the status of network warfare has become increasingly prominent, spare no effort to savings of their own countries However, as analysts have pointed out that people for the pursuit of peace will inevitably require the international community to develop appropriate rules, confrontation and arms race to resist the vicious web development. Then, the After all, even if the


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