which will once again stimulate the sensitive nerve investors

January 5, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo up to four months, new CEO.

Thompson previously served as an online payment service provider PayPal (Paypal) the company’s president, he also served as PayPal senior vice president and chief technology officer positions. Thompson’s reputation in the industry is not very large, so it was selected as the outside of the new head of Yahoo was surprised. I believe that Yahoo executives in the past few years, hopes to take various measures to help the business to profitability, but the results have failed, so Thompson assumed office inevitably will face daunting tasks and challenges, and the following is Thompson took the initial five

1, find out their position in Yahoo CEO to stay on this long time

Analysts pointed out that Thompson was not much behind the background, which makes Thompson in the management of time will be more independent Yahoo. Last week, from China’s Alibaba (microblogging) hired a Washington lobbying firm, a professional lobbying the U.S. government to agree to its overall acquisition of Yahoo’s plan, before the acquisition of Alibaba and Yahoo on assets in Asia, the latter The negotiations eventually broke down. Yahoo search for a new CEO for the company’s behavior is intended to show Yahoo’s board is more hope in the business enterprises to have more independence, which I believe Thompson at Yahoo working hours will not be too short.

2, as soon as possible so that investors know that Yahoo plans to do

Yahoo announced the appointment of Thompson, the company’s shares fell 2%, this phenomenon reflects the non-normal Yahoo investors questioned the personnel changes. Yahoo had announced large-scale reforms in the internal reorganization in order to further tap the potential value of business, some investors said Yahoo was busy looking for new business head is actually to delay the implementation of the restructuring plan. Thompson took office after the restructuring plan before a certain will be re-evaluated, which will once again stimulate the sensitive nerve investors, in fact, he needs to do is decide as soon as possible next course of action and Yahoo pay close attention to implementation.

3, the redefinition of Yahoo

Thompson’s predecessor, during the reign successfully Bartz Yahoo’s internal organizational structure and product service reform and restructuring, but her actions ultimately did not help Yahoo beyond For Yahoo, in the end is a multimedia technology company or IT is no longer important to the company’s arguments, but in fact these two definitions is not much difference between Thompson to do is clear as soon as possible together with the Yahoo board of directors and investment for the user by the exact location.

4, a member of the Board to adjust

CEO of the company’s board of directors usually work under the guidance, the Board must consider the formation and business owners (investors are) views. Thompson on the Yahoo board member as soon as possible to adjust, Yahoo’s board now there have been some disharmony issue, which does not lie in Yahoo’s upgrading of products and services can be changed. Thompson will no longer be excluded from the board the right people, in addition, can absorb some fresh blood in.

5, the selection of some of the possible future areas of popular cutting-edge R & D efforts

Yahoo’s Web search and social networking for research and development has lagged behind many other peers, not only a huge waste of time and money, Yahoo employee’s ability to innovate is being constantly spend. Mobile services and social networking has become the new cutting-edge IT R & D, but I believe that these areas are unable to give Yahoo a huge success. Yahoo has about 700 million users worldwide, it should be more advertising companies to provide competitive opportunities for them to put up a bridge leading to Yahoo customers.


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