Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported

Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported , according to British media recently reported that the British Ministry of Defense has soldiers in Afghanistan to provide new uniforms , but not only did not get the praise soldiers , but was complaining that these uniforms do not fit and rough work.

According to the British According to reports, the British Ministry of Defense for the purchase of these new new multi- terrain camouflage (MTP) spent a total of nearly 40 million pounds. Department of Defense originally intended to be distributed to all of these garments 100 000 front-line soldiers fighting in Afghanistan , but did not expect just a small part of the release caused a complaint to voice . Some people also said that wearing such clothing looks just like the United States,

38 from Northern Ireland Brigade Keli Xi Rogers quipped : these new uniforms hung up like He also said ,

It is noteworthy that, in August 2010 the British media has revealed that British troops planned to fight in the battlefields of Afghanistan to provide a number of British soldiers in new uniforms , the uniforms will be manufactured in China. According to reports at the time , these last 20 years of design , costing 20 million pounds of new uniforms include a high-tech materials , to better protect the battlefield in Afghanistan fighting British soldiers . At that time some people on the issue of new uniforms made ​​in China in the offing , some officials even openly express their dissatisfaction , concerns uniform quality will be poor .


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