rain and snow over the cement is just brush off

At 11 o’clock yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Bureau Deputy Inspector, Provincial Tourism Bureau Accidents caused by peer attachment Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy head of Padang build a new minor child, Lee Jae-Hill injured drivers.

Yesterday, Badong County, had a light snow, seven groups to look at Doubletree Village, Chaoyang Peng reservoirs progress, check the weather, rain and snow over the cement is just brush off, and met with people through the winter sun Ping difficult situation. 11 am, with members operating Fosamax build a new child, Lee Jae-mountain driving by the driver off-road vehicles to the sun E A0S123 floor, in the , skidding more than 80 meters deep cliff fall. Operation Fosamax injuries, He died at 12:10 or so died. Children build a new jumping out time of the incident, the driver Lee Jae-Hill was seriously injured and rushed to the rescue in Enshi.

After the incident, Badong county leaders to lead the relevant departments to the scene to carry out rehabilitation and related work.

Party Secretary Li Hongzhong line of duty on the operations Fosamax attention, please Provincial Tourism Bureau on behalf of his comrades to visit and comfort the families of operating Fosamax, wounded every effort to work.

It is understood that, in March 2011, the Provincial Tourism Bureau depth Badong counties December 8 last year, led by the parade Fosamax practical December 29, just 11 days helping the working group completed the first when dengjiatang, praised by the local villagers.

Operation Fosamax Biography Born in 1952 in Wuhan New Island, enlisted in December 1972, October 1975 joined the Chinese Communist Party, in November 1987 after the Provincial Tourism Bureau, she served as deputy chief of the political department, chief , deputy director, deputy secretary of the party organs, Finance Director, Office of the Director, Deputy Inspector. At 11:00 on January 3, 2012, to carry out


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