shooting death caused by cardiac rupture.

Hunt While also offering a reward of 200,000 Hyde, Hubei Province, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau deputy director, said the warrior, the Ministry has confirmed that Su Xiang Yu had to open your family is not the case for the.

Police with dogs search the mountains

6 o’clock yesterday morning, the Nanjing people found the village in Qixia District Xing Xing Wei Wei near the old mountain, a large number of armed police and special police armed with dogs from the north and south sides of the mountains, several hills on foot to take a blanket search. As of press reporters this morning, still no suspects were arrested for accurate information.

While the hunt has entered into 10 days, but the intensity of Nanjing, the police searched but did not reduce the total blockade of ETC lane highway, leaving only four lanes out of the city, as a time when the spring, resulting in the entrance of the city of Nanjing, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed vehicles a substantial backlog.

According to the Nanjing local media reports, not just one or go all out to more than 10,000 regular police overtime, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department Director Sun Wende Nanjing in the just-concluded two sessions, and several areas of criminal investigation police did not attend the CPPCC National Committee members , but in the first line of command hunt.

Prior to the case in many media reports, refer to the alleged Tsang expensive. In fact, once you open the gun case is another major suspect, has confirmed irrelevant. Yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director, head of Hubei martial panel said, the Ministry has confirmed that Su Xiang Yu had to open your family is not the case for the, but the characteristics of the two suspects do have similarities: all about early 40s, medium build, Sichuan accent, act calm and sophisticated, with military qualities and so on.

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security has been clear: The case is named

Changsha, the robbery occurred more than shooting, the Ministry of Public Security expert guidance Changsha police investigation, to obtain close-up pictures of the suspect, named as These two close-up pictures, taken in the near future, this is the most powerful to arrest the suspect information.

Accumulate money over principle

Martial said the suspect committing the crime a long time span, a long incubation period, space conversion range, a serious threat to people’s lives and property. In particular, since June last year, its crime rate accelerated to around crime around Hubei Province, Hubei Province, and even their escape through the possibility of crime in Hubei considerable. Commitment to public security organs, Hubei Province, to provide clues to the suspects arrested, they will award 200,000 yuan.

It is understood that, at present, Chongqing, Kunming, Changsha, Nanjing and other places are posted reward notice, bonus from 200 thousand to 1 million yuan range. Since then, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hainan, police have released the reward notice offering a reward of gold be cumulative, the total exceeded 300 million yuan. However, according to Ministry of Public Security explained to those concerned, informants should suspect there’s the local public security organs, in principle, bonuses are not cumulative.

8 years seven revolver 7 lives

[1] city Two were shot dead and another injured withdrawals. Suspect stole $ 70,000 in cash with paper bags.

[2] Chongqing Two withdrawals were shot dead. Suspect stole 170,000 yuan in cash.

[3] Changsha City The dead body of 6 guns, shooting death caused by cardiac rupture.

[4] Changsha A teller who was shot dead, 4.5 million in cash was taken away.

[5] Changsha The deceased was shot dead, robbed of the computer package.

[6] Changsha, The victim was shot, the result of someone shouting, not to commit robbery suspect fled.

[7] Nanjing Teller who was shot dead, robbed of nearly 20 million in cash.


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