It is reported that about 2

BEIJING, Jan. 30 , according to foreign reports, the Syrian army was 29th on the outskirts of Damascus, the opposition launched the armed occupation of the siege , in order to regain control of the region .

It is reported that about 2,000 government soldiers in tanks and armored vehicles under the cover of dawn on the day moved into the eastern suburbs of Damascus , for control of these areas to wipe out the opposition militants . Local activists said 19 civilians and opposition fighters were killed.

In a tank surrounded by Kafu Er – Batna town , an activist said , this is a city of war , the body can be seen in the streets .

Residents of downtown Damascus , said the city’s main square, the army and police are deployed to prevent opposition forces infiltrated into the city center.

Syria ‘s official media said 29 Syrian people call Xujun action , Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Bing Seoul regards the security forces recently in the families of martyrs , said Syrian security forces are on the land

Another reported that at least 16 Syrian soldiers in the day killed in different attacks , several of them were allegedly

A day earlier , the Arab League officials said that given the increasing violence in Syria , Arab League Secretary General Arabi has decided to suspend operations in Syria Mission . Arab League foreign ministers will be held on February 5 headquarters held an emergency meeting in Cairo to discuss Syria .


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