Relieve the pressure on the blue people thinking agility

Do you feel depressed? Perhaps should take a look at something blue. A new UK study shows that despite a long time scientists think the blue and negative factors, but the colors can also enhance self-confidence, reducing stress and feel happy. In addition, the study also showed that blue can be agile thinking.

University of Sussex, UK researchers to allow volunteers to exposure to various types of lighting in color. The results showed that exposure to the blue of the volunteers completed the test speed increased 25%. Improve their reaction time by 12%, hand-eye coordination and ability to recall words also improved.

The researchers let each volunteer exposure to a color, it will record brain activity, heart rate and perspiration situation. They found that the blue men and women help to calm mentality. Purple people relax, but only in women. Blue and green to make a Man happy, blue, purple and orange are good so that the spirit of a woman.

The study showed that confidence in the set up, blue and red of Man has to help, blue and purple on the woman’s role in the largest. Take part in the survey a total of 1,000 volunteers. Although the Red Man’s self-esteem improved, but it made people feel happy or relaxed the least likely.

Researchers Duncan Smith said: “Many people think a certain color will make them happy, nervous or calm down, or making them feel happy, sad, lazy, energetic. We conducted this study is aimed at in order to clear, scientific evidence, positive or negative role in the above-mentioned number of colors. ”


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