Iran territory

The United States and its allies is to upgrade the sanctions against Iran, Iran also issued a Results, not only the United States even sent three aircraft carriers to the deterrence, the United Kingdom also sent to active duty, the most advanced destroyer British

January 11, Although the British Ministry of Defense stressed that the ship’s trip is just a routine training and access, but no one knows,

Iranian state television reported that The numbers in the Gulf’s warm waters, it will be Experts point out that Iran in the Persian Gulf occupies a near perfect geographical advantage – up to 150 km north shore of the Strait of Hormuz, Iran territory, especially in England to give up the Suez Canal, east of the command of the sea in 1971, Iran captured lightning means Strait in the throat Mishima (Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa), from the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, the smooth flow of had to look at the face of Iran.

However, the former British Defense Secretary John Reid said: >

Sunny, but when there are cloudy

Speaking of To replace the obsolete Type 42 destroyers, the British Ministry of Defense from 1983 to propose a variety of new ship design, but often fall through because of funding and political reasons, until November 1999 before deciding to BAE and fertile Sang co the construction of six Type 45 destroyers, cost £ 650 million per ship. Was launched in February 2006, the Until the mid-21st century, the ship will be the most powerful surface warships of the British naval combat capability. British armed forces minister Bob Ainsworth, who visited the

Ainsworth’s enthusiasm can not hide the problems in the Type 45 destroyer project. According to the British Audit Bureau said, encountered many difficulties, due to the development of multi-function radar, and installation of air defense missile vertical launching system, the Type 45 destroyer project’s total cost of £ 5.4 billion to 6.1 billion pounds, which led to the battle management system with a low grade, be postponed until all the service time of six Type 45 destroyers from 2014 to 2020. No wonder the British media dubbed the Type 45 destroyer project of the Department of Defense is sunny, but when there are cloudy.

According to data provided by the British BBC, The British Navy said the firepower of a Type 45 destroyer firepower than the 8 and 42 destroyers in the fleet that can cope with the

British Defense Research Institute and Germany’s Siemens jointly developed the aerial targets. The bow is equipped with a 127 mm caliber gun, the gun followed by a 48-cell vertical missile launching system, capable of firing 16

Ship the middle of installing two eight-mounted


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