Do not attack the United States is now Iraq and Libya

People , Beijing , February 14 ( reporter Yang Yang Li ) well-known military experts, the Chinese Society of Military Science Deputy Secretary-General Major General Luo Yuan, a guest at the People’s power forum today on a military hot topic with friends online . Major General Luo Yuan , how to protect the interests in the Middle East
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Luo said the Chinese have a huge economic interests in the Middle East or , 1/5 of the global oil through the Strait of Hormuz , where 1/ 3 is shipped to China , China is Iran ‘s largest oil buyer , average daily imports usually in about 55 million barrels , accounting for Iranian oil exports 1/5 , once the source of oil by the loss , it will affect China’s peaceful development . Iran, Syria , we can not feel that the matter concerns an armchair , in fact, the Middle East issue is closely related with China’s interests .

Luo Yuan said , I have contact with a famous American writer called William En Doyle ( Engdahl.FW – - editor’s note) , he wrote a book called One of the main ideas of this book is : Do not attack the United States is now Iraq and Libya , in fact, are directed . I asked him, on what basis do you have ? He said that China ‘s dependence on oil has reached 55 percent by 2020 , will reach 70 percent , while China ‘s oil source in the Middle East and North Africa . Therefore, destroyed in Iraq , the United States first in the Middle East , then North Africa, Libya destroyed . Also disrupt China’s oil lifeline – the South China Sea , in fact, is to contain China’s rise . I think Americans have this sense of crisis , we absolutely can not be indifferent .


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