Afghanistan and Libya.

AFP, Tehran, February 20 – Iran today the deployment of aircraft and missiles to Iran warned that Iran may stop to stop oil supply to more EU countries, unless the lifting of sanctions against Iran.
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This gesture of Iran in confrontation with the international community about its nuclear program, Iran has become tougher, and ready for any possible conflicts. Iran’s military said today that Iran has in the south of the country held a four-day exercise aimed at improving air defense capability to protect nuclear facilities.

Iran’s provocative acts, including targeted military deployment.

Two Iranian warships have docked in Syria, according to state television reported, and to help train the country’s sailors.

Israel says it will pay close attention to the movements of the two warships to ensure that they are not close to the coast of the Israelis

Fars news agency Tehran February 20, 2009, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Muhammad Ali Jafari, Major-General stressed that the Iranian armed forces are the military exercises to strengthen the country’s deterrent capability.

Gap of the neighboring countries.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said:

Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said: one.

He stressed the need to do high-level military to prepare to defend Iran. He pointed out that:

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a new military exercises held in Yazd Province in central Iran, as part of its annual military exercise to strengthen the combat readiness of troops. The new military exercise dubbed

America to the use of force will lead to disaster

TEHRAN, February 20, 2009, Fars news agency (Xinhua) – Iran’s military and security sector, one source stressed that the United States and Israel unable to launch a military strike against Iran to start a new war in the region .

The anonymous sources of the security sector news website reporter on the Persian Voice of the revolution, Iran concluded that the United States and Israel lack the ability to launch a new war in the Middle East.

The source said: understand Iran’s situation is completely different with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

However, the source said, the U.S. government is trying to make the Iranians lost patience, and enhance their grievances, so that the Iranian regime from internal collapse through pressure and sanctions.

Some countries, including Russia, China and the Non-Aligned Movement member states and some international agencies and politicians to the United States and Israel issued a warning, urging them to refrain from military attack on Iran.

Recently, the former Chairman of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, Hans Blix, a diplomatic solution to the problem, he warned the West to take any military strikes are illegal and will result in disastrous consequences. Blix, a former IAEA Director General.

Blix warned that the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will lead to disaster, not the solution to the problem.

Israeli attack required one hundred fighters


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other senior officials this week to Israel’s national security adviser, Donilon expressed their displeasure. Israel senior official said Netanyahu and Barak, Donilon said they were dissatisfied with the Martin Dempsey, the U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, interview with CNN Sunday saying.

Dempsey said:

Israeli officials also objected to a senior U.S. official reporter to the United States a series of hair. U.S. reporter wrote that Israel might strike at Iran’s reported in recent weeks.

Netanyahu angry, the U.S. NBC two weeks ago reported that Israel will be spent on missiles and commandos, and the F-15I fighter jets to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

An Israeli official said: the pressure.

[British This is reported that some U.S. military officials and analysts close to the White House to interview, if Israel decides to bomb Iran, its fighters for aerial refueling over Iran with the Iranian Air Force combat and bombing of the many underground nuclear facilities at least 100 fighters.

Has been involved in the formulation of U.S. bombing of Afghanistan and the second Gulf war plans the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Agency retired General David Deputula,, said the attack on Iran

Analysts doubt whether Israel has the capacity to implement the full range of military strikes against Iran, worried that Washington will have to help Israel to complete the mission.

The report said Israel against (Iran’s) nuclear facilities must fly over Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

According to analysis, fly over Iraq is the easiest, because after U.S. withdrawal, Iraq has no air defense. The problem is (from Israel to Iran), about 2000 miles away, fighter air refueling, but also to avoid Iran’s air defenses and fighter for the Israeli Air Force is much more difficult and complex battle,

U.S. officials believe that Iran’s air defense system is hard to break. They are worried about Iran for Israel to fight back, so face the threat of the outbreak of a large-scale war in the Middle East.


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