the Iranian media reported that the talks were

According to Iran ‘s Press TV reports , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in meeting with officials and nuclear scientists of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran , said: and theoretical , Iran to possess nuclear weapons is a serious offense , Iran believes that the proliferation of nuclear weapons does not make sense , destructive and very dangerous . the purpose of the arrogant countries to stop Iran’s technological progress , pressure , sanctions, threats and assassinations will not produce any results, Iran will continue to promote scientific and technological progress He said that if the world were allowed independently to promote the development of the field of nuclear energy and aerospace , the powerful countries can not get to the dominance of world affairs .

International Atomic Energy Agency , a delegation of 20 to 21 in Tehran and the Iraqi side on the nuclear issue held a closed-door talks . 22, the agency issued a statement saying the talks did not achieve concrete results due to differences on the issue of whether to allow a delegation to visit Iran Parchin military . This is the second within one month of the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation , traveling to Iraq . The end of January , the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation visited Iran, the Iranian media reported that the talks were

International Atomic Energy Agency released a report last November that Iran at least the end of 2003 , before The manufacture of nuclear weapons given the clear conclusion. Iran insists he was not a secret nuclear weapons program and accused the report politically motivated .


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