Prohibition of food intake of pregnant women have what?

What pregnant women should not eat

Diet of pregnant women want to diversify, should not bias Anopheles, vegetables, fish, eggs, fruits, meat, etc. to eat everything, so that the body has enough energy and all the necessary vitamins. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that diet after becoming pregnant spicy, tobacco, alcohol and so on, such as leek, ginger, pepper and other hot foods, hot easily hurt because of fetal blood to the blood due to hot abortion, so want taboos. Huoxue food unfit for human consumption, such as Health and hawthorn, black fungus and so on. Modern studies suggest that the following food consumption is also not advisable for pregnant women

Should not eat papaya

Papaya contains papain, interaction with the progesterone, thereby preventing pregnancy or cause abortion.

Should not eat peaches

Gan peach of hot, bitter taste, there is micro-poisoning. Peach has role, pregnant women after consumption there is likely to cause miscarriage.

Should not be too much to drink coffee

Early pregnancy to drink too much coffee will increase the risk of miscarriage. Caroline School of Medicine survey shows that only drink two cups of coffee every day for pregnant women will increase the risk of miscarriage, and if pregnant women to drink 4 cups of coffee every day, the risk would be doubled.

Inedible longans

Also known as longan Longan. Because of the nature of big hot, where the deficiency heat physique who is unfit for human consumption. After pregnancy, most partial is true, then deficiency of Health heat, so often thirsty, symptoms such as dry stool. TCM advocates wish to cool, and longans of hot, pregnant women eat, not only should not Baotai, but appeared threatened abortion symptoms (abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding).

Avoid eating large fish

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that pregnant women not to eat swordfish, shark, mackerel and other large fish, seafood, canned tuna is not more than one hundred and eighty grams. Rivers, lakes and streams to fish in the fish, may contain bacteria or chemical contamination received, but also do not eat the best. If you eat, the fish should preferably be sent to relevant department about hygiene inspection. Of course the following week, eat 360 grams of fish are not endangered.

Avoid eating raw meat and half a lifetime

Do not eat raw or not cooked poultry seafood (such as oyster, clams and sushi, etc.), they may contain a large number of bacteria and viruses, it is necessary to cooked before consumption. In addition, half a lifetime not to eat eggs, fried eggs, full-cooked want.

Avoid eating cooked food bought outside and cold smoked seafood category

At hot dogs, ham, turkey, cold meat and sausages cooked and refrigerated smoked seafood, Listeria monocytogenes most likely to breeding, pregnant women infected with this bacteria may cause, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, such as malformation or serious consequences. Such products should be cooked before consumption.

Avoid eating unpasteurized milk drinks

Do not brewed in the street vendors to buy the wine or fruit juice, these drinks unpasteurized milk, it may contain E. coli and other bacteria. Whether or not the best look at the drink before, after pasteurization.

Avoid raw vegetables, vegetable bud

Do not eat raw alfalfa, mung bean sprouts or radish sprouts, these dishes bud contains bacteria, probably for pregnant women and fetal adverse effects.

Avoid the possible cause of food allergy

If the woman’s family in someone for a food allergy, there is a substantial risk that the fetus will suffer from food allergies. Therefore, during pregnancy to avoid eating peanuts and peanut products, such as easily lead to food allergies in order to reduce the fetal risk of suffering from allergies.

Because of the reception cause fetal hypoxia, the impact of fetal brain development, and this damage is often irreversible. Thus, all alcohol should be included in the list of fasting, In addition, excessive drinking will lead to small babies infirmity, so also do not drink tea as well

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