OL5 big “special zone” of health care

A lot of whites get a female to be occupied in a work every day, have no time to train for physical fitness and cause body more more bad.The health care secret recipe that below introduces female body 5 greatest special areases.Very of simple, the white gets the MMs to try.
Special area a:Ex- chest

Health keyword:Strengthen heart lung function.

One personal strong or weak of immunity function is decided by the height of the thymus gland plain density to some extent and adjusts reason incitement to the thymus gland, can prevent cancer, strengthen figure to postpone a year by anti- disease.

Care a method:With the right hand press in the right milk above, the finger is inclined to get down and appropriately make an effort to push to wipe to a left abdomen and back and forth wipe to touch 50 times;Change a left hand to rub with the same method 50 times.Then, use a palm again and toward chest to in the center and up and down and back and forth rub 50 times;Carry on the back after canning also use two palms to alternately tap ex- chest, clap 100 rests each time, each do once sooner or later.

Wiping to clap chest can make the thymus gland cell of “dormancy” been placed in active appearance and strengthen heart lung function.

Special area two:Back

Health keyword:Raise immunity dint, defend to catch a cold.

Usually carry on a skin scraping and rub to wipe, pound to press, tap to the back veins and arteries and the muscle, can dredge veins and arteries, have peace of mind to tranquilize the nerves, help a prevention to catch a cold, rub to wipe back moreover to medium the old-age chronic disease sufferer has a certain assistance treatment effect.

Care a method:Wipe(rub) to carry on the back, clap to carry on the back or knocks back with the health care hammer sooner or later on everyday;(include back and neck)Or adopt back massage to nurse and treat like back skin scraping, knead ridge and pull out a fire bottle etc..

Especially 35:Spinal column

Health keyword:Promote digest, preventĀ°from the spinal column familiar disease.

Have around now 70% the persons make because of lacking the correct health care toward the spinal column special area at ordinary times of produced a pathological changes.The spinal column special area has four physiology flection, most easily having of pathological changes happen a neck(cervical vertebra disease) is as bent as loins.(the waist muscle Lao Sun and waist Zhui the dish outstanding disease)

Care a method:Can follow spinal column two sides clip ridge cave to massage.Carry on massage to nurse and treat to the spinal column every evening, skin scraping, pull out a fire bottle and lightly tap.

Carries on pinprick and Chinese medicine Feng’s treating in the spinal column special area and the moxa burn, to each segment of spinal column spinal cord divides the nerve ache of and strong keep sex of the spinal column Be burning to have treatment effect.

Special area four:Stomach Qi

Health keyword:Get rid of belly fat, prevent and cure constipation.

The stomach Qi department is a health the expert values very much of the health care”fortress”, the Chinese medicine calls the stomach central navel as “absolute being Que”.Press to crumple incitement and adjust a reason to the stomach Qi department, can the benefit lung solid kidney, tranquilize the nerves rather heart, comfortable liver benefit Dan, benefit three burnt, defend the Jian body of disease.

Crumple stomach to still harden to the artery, the high blood pressure, Gao Xie Zhi, diabetes, cerebral disease and obesity have a good assistance treatment function.

Care a method:Two hand layer after layer, press at the navel, appropriately make an effort, keep breath natural in the meantime, clockwise round Qi to crumple stomach.

For lack to toughen in normal times of crowd, the suggestion develops when the odd moment occasionally takes a walk the double palm alternately tap(frequency is every second once) for 20 minutes in the abdomen department, there is the function to promote belly metabolism.

Special area five:Ear department

Health keyword:PreventĀ°from ear department chilblains, help to keep a kidney.

Chinese medicine speaks that the kidney is begun to understand to an ear, usually rubbing the ear Kuo can prevent and cure ear department chilblains, and can have the function that the Jian kidney strong waist, health postpones a year.

Care a method:

Lift to pull lower ear lobe.The hands index finger puts an ear to after holding the seamy side lift to pull an ear to hold with the index finger, thumb, lower ear lobe, from introverted outside lift to pull, skill from lightly arrive heavy, lead long to pull of strength with not feeling ache is limit, every time 3-5 minutes.

The hand Mo ear round.The hands hold an empty boxing, with the Mu, eat 2 to follow the ear round up and down goes back and forth to push Mo, until the ear round Chong blood has fever.

Lift to pull an ear point.Use hands Mu and index finger to clip to knead ear Kuo point, lift to clench, crumple, knead, rub upward 15-20 times, make the part had fever to flush.This method has a town to calm down, relieve pain, the pure brain clear eyes, reduce fever etc. effect.

When the female works well these five health cares of special areas every day, can promote metabolism, line up a poisonous pure body, attain the effect of strengthening figure the Jian body, anti- decrepitude thus.

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