herb medicine anti-virus

The anti-virus vegetable is only for expert initiated medium herb medicine anti-virus
Is been called the antibiotics of Chinese medicine field”history ascend the strictest” management policy by the industry to be apart from the date that it formally carries out already no longer than a week.
Expert said, health department this undertaking weighed at fight a clinical misuse antibiotics, this undoubtedly provideds a chance for the medium herb medicine anti-virus development of opposite safety.In the daily life in addition to the germ kills poisonous aspect and equally needs to promote the herb medicine in the usage.A pearl

Antibiotics or for medium the herb medicine”let a way”

That expert said that the our country has the tradition of usage Chinese medicine medicine, 1,100 years of medium herb medicine fulfillment has already confirmed numerous of medium herb medicine if the moxa leaf, the plank blue root and wild chrysanthemum etc.s all have in addition to the germ kills poisonous effect.Under the sistuation that the antibiotic situation limits an usage, in the usage herb medicine to cure an infection disease or will become main current.

The medium herb medicine is anti-virus is more unlimited than medicine realm

The expert inside the industry said that at the germ kills poisonous aspect, besides which, not only wants to suppress the usage of antibiotics in the medicine realm, in the middle in people’s daily life, more should devote major efforts to initiate the herb medicine in the usage anti-virus, “in herb medicine in addition to the germ has opposite and moderate, safety, the advantage of with abundant resources”.Natural

According to understanding, turns a business enterprise-Shanghai house to turn in the local day currently underneath of six absolute being brands, have already started daily life realm at people expanding in the herb medicine in addition to germ, pass to make use of high-tech means and modern craft, carry on an extracting of modern craft to the leaf of moxa, withdraw moxa leaf’s ethereal oil in which as product composition, release six absolute being moxa leaf the series bathing dew and soap.Cultured pearls

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