After meal nine greatest cutthroat

You know after meal nine greatest cutthroat?All of these are to endanger your healthy backstage cutthroat!
The after meal eats a fruit

Not a few people like after meal to eat some fruit and think to be advantageous to a pure like this.In fact this is the living habit of a kind of mistake, after meal right away drink water a fruit will influence digest function.Because, after the food gets into a stomach department, needing to be digested then can slowly expel for 1-2 hours, the after meal drinks water a fruit right away, the fruit will be before eaten into of food countercheck, but not the ability in go order digest.

The after meal drinks strong teaJade price doubles

There is sour a great deal of tannin in tea-leaf, the after meal drinks strong tea, will make to ate into just of the protein that hasn’t digested together the tannin be together sour to combine to form sediments, the absorption of influence protein;The material in tea-leaf also hinders the absorption of iron chemical element and develops the bad habit that the after meal drinks strong tea over a long period of time and easily cause to lack iron anemic;In addition, the after meal drinks tea right away, a great deal of water gets into stomach and also dilutes the digestive juice that the stomach secretes and influences a stomach’s digest work for food thus.

The after meal smokes cigarette

Someone thinks that”the after meal is a smoke and excel to live fairy.”In fact, this kind of way of doing is tremendous to human body bane.Because the appetite of after meal human body wriggles very multifarious, the blood circulation also immediately speeds, the digestive system started overall sport.If smoke cigarette in this time, lung department and organize to absorb strength for smoke to consumedly strengthen all over, cause smoke in harmful composition is a great deal of absorbability, to breath, the digest ways all have a very strong incitement function, undoubtedly will bring human body function and organization a ratio to smoke cigarette at ordinary times big get much injury.

After meal drinkingFactor impetuses

After meal right away the drinking meeting dilution stomach liquid, make the food in the stomach had no to digested and then gotted into small intestines in time, weakened the digestive power of stomach liquid, easily cause a stomach enteric disease.If the after meal drinks of is soda that to body is also should not, the carbon dioxide of soda creation easily increases to press inside the stomach and causes impatient dilated stomach.

The after meal sings a karaoke

Just ate satisfied empress stomach capacity enlargement, the blood measured increment, at this time sing a song will make diaphragm the bottom move, belly cavity pressure increment, lightly then cause an indigestion, weigh to then cause unwell etc. of appetite other symptoms.Therefore, had better at after meal around an hour, the food digests as usual after again sing a karaoke, or simply sing a song first then again have a meal.

The after meal drives

After meal because of digestive of demand, the blood mostly concentrated a stomach department, the brain was temporarily placed in appearance of lacking the blood, drove to easily cause operation to mistake at this time and traffic accident happened.Therefore, drivesing again is more safe for after meal an hour.

The after meal takes a showerThe silver

The folks has a common saying to call”satisfied take a shower hungry shave hair”, this is also the life habit of a kind of inaccuracy.The after meal takes a shower, the body form blood quantity will increase, and the blood of the stomach and intestines way measures and then will correspond decrease, makes the digest function of appetite weakened thus and causes an indigestion.

The after meal relaxs trousers belt

Many people feel to support panically after having a meal the surfeit and usually relax buckle, this although the belly is getting more comfortable,will result in to press inside the belly cavity of descend, force stomach subordinate to hang.Continuously for a long time hence, will suffer from true gastroptosis.

The after meal”100 walk”

The after meal”100 walk” can not not only live “99″, but also influence digest way’s absorption for nourishment material because of the increment of the sport quantity.The heart function decrease, arteriosclerosis particularly old people, , the after meal stroll much will appear blood pressure to descend to wait a phenomenon.

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