food have conflict

Carefully ten kinds of drugs and food have conflict
There is the category to can not mix together to eat in the meantime between food and food, too, the medicine is also similar, and some medicine can not take together with another beverage or the food in the meantime after taking if a little bit inattention causes otiose injury very easily.led lighting design

Department wood and wine conflict.The wine is oxidized into an acetaldehyde first in the body, then becomes acetic acid, but department the wood will hinder an acetaldehyde to oxidize into acetic acid, result in acetaldehyde inside the body’s storing and aggravate to have fever and whole body ache etc. symptom, also easily cause liver harm.

Golden thread vegetable and tea conflict.The tea and drinks implies about 10% Rou qualities, be easily resolved into Rou in the body sour, but the Rou is sour will precipitate the alkaloid in the golden thread vegetable, lower its efficacy of medicine.Therefore, taking golden thread can not take tea in plain front and back 2 hours.led grow lights

The cloth Luo aroma and coffee, cola conflict.The cloth Luo aroma(aroma must) agree with stomach mucosa contains incitement, the cocaine in the caffeine and the cola in coffee then will stimulate stomach acid to secrete, aggravate the side effect of the cloth Luo aroma agree with stomach mucosa and even induct stomach issue of blood, stomach perforation.

Antibiotics and milk, juice conflict.Taking don’t drink milk or juice for antibiotic front and back 2 hours, because milk will lower an antibiotic activity, can not make the efficacy of medicine well developed;But juice(is particularly fresh juice) is rich to contain of the tartaric acid will accelerate antibiotics deliquescence, not only lower an efficacy of medicine, but also may increase poisonous side effect.led home lighting

Calcium slice and spinach conflict.Spinach’s implying a great deal of grass sour root ion that the grass sour potassium get into after the body electrolysis will precipitate calcium ion and hinder human body absorption calcium, the also easily born grass sour calcium stone calculus.Take a calcium slice for front and back 2 hours inside don’t take a meal a spinach, or cook a spinach first and once again edible.

The anti- allergic medicine and cream cheese, meat product conflict.Take an anti- to avoid eating cream cheese, and meat product…etc. for allergic medicine period rich contain a set of food with sour ammonia.Because set the ammonia is sour will convert into to organize An in the body, but the anti- allergic medicine repress organization An decomposition and result in organization the An store and induct dizzy, headache, confused etc. unwell symptom.12 volt led lighting

Xie medicine and milk conflict.Take the Xie medicine can not drink milk, because milk not only lower the efficacy of medicine of Xie medicine, it implies of lactose still easily aggravate diarrhea.

Diuretic and banana, orange conflict.Take diuretic for period, the potassium will be detained in the blood, if edible rich banana with the potassium, orange, the potassium inside the body stores too many, easily induct the complications of heart, blood pressure.

Vitamin C and shrimp conflict.Take vitamin C not edible shrimp in front and back 2 hours, because the copper in the shrimp will oxidize vitamin C and make it lose an efficacy of medicine.Five price arsenics in the shrimp easily respond with vitamin C occurrence, born have toxic”three price arsenics”s.led lighting automotive

Decline to press medicine and the west You juice conflict.Can not drink the west You juice while taking to decline to press a medicine, because the You skin vegetable of the west You juice will influence the function of the liver a certain Mao, but this kind of Mao and decline the metabolism of pressing the medicine relevant, easily result in the blood Chinese herbal medicine thing density lead high, increase side effect.

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