From the face to see the man’s health

The quality of human internal organs function will be reflected in his face. The busy you may often look at their face, may find that their health status a secret.

All of a sudden increase in the wrinkles on his forehead

This shows that the liver of his own over-burdened, it is necessary to eat less animal fat, such as pork and the like, but should eat some light food such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish and so on.

Black eye socket, gloomy face.

Up in the morning if they own the surface like that too heavy a burden on the kidneys. To reduce the use of salt and sugar, no sugar to avoid sugar vegetables, cooked duck with chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, etc. burning diet can also use red and white radish broth boil drinking. In addition, the use of kidney-eat soup is also useful results.

Red nose

On behalf of the tip of the heart. Tip red or purple blood pressure may be high, or too much salt and alcohol intake.化妝課程

Swelling on the lips

This is likely to be caused by stomach cramps. Eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnut, sweet potato, lotus root, and so on Nuanwei food. If the skin is too rough, you try to use bamboo, sea cucumber, can eat lean meat stew.

The skin is too white

This may be due to blood loss caused. Dates will be, peanuts soaked with warm water, cook low heat, together with some sticky honey Aozhi. Eat this food, ruddy face will be up.

Brown cheeks were red

Red cheeks are signs of high blood pressure. Attention should be paid to reduce the amount of smoking or smoking cessation, regular blood pressure.

Red ears

Ear on behalf of the kidney. Ear was purple or red bad that cycle. Less alcohol, eat fine food, eat less sugar and exercise in order to promote circulation.

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