Female menstruation

Female menstruation conditioning big different
That time of the month, the majority of female friends will undergo abdominal pain and other symptoms. According to their own physical characteristics, adhere to the scientific and rational diet and lifestyle, in order to” holiday” will have more relaxed. Follow up to look together which conditioning methods.
Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon, a normal woman could not avoid, however, when physiology period is coming, there are a lot of trouble there, every woman has such experience, each month to receive the” good friends”, always consumes considerable mental and physical. Since the traditional cognition, the woman menstrual cramps as blood loss, so a woman want to have a good look like apple, have tried to put up blood menstrual loss. However, before filling, the filling or after menstruation during filling, is also a fill, exactly what is the best time to recuperate? Experts said: in fact women during menstruation conditioning to see their own constitution, the constitution of different conditioning methods are not the same.
( a ) bad blood circulation type constitutionLED\IC design
Symptoms: just before their period will feel belly bulge bulge, lower abdomen prominent, a period will be constipation. Menstrual flow colour to dark color, feel sticky, sometimes like liver, Gore outflow. Menstrual blood volume, the first day is less, but the very next day and third day suddenly becomes much more than 7 days, the period will be.
Improvement of small secret:
Poor blood circulation of the human body to activity, be careful not to catch cold, do not eat cold food. Not the best of the tampon. Eat black, red, purple food, vegetables are best heating treatment. Avoid long time to sit, walk, let the pelvic blood circulation. You can drink ginger tea or medicine rose, safflower, hawthorn tea.
Recommended diet: Lotus saffron braised pork ribs.
Practice: pork 500 grams, 300 grams of fresh lotus root, safflower 5 grams, cooking wine 5 grams, amount of salt. Ribs, lotus root slicing, into the casserole in safflower, cooking wine, salt, plus and the amount of water, boil skim floating foam, a small fire stew to rotten meat. General fed once a week, eat 1 months effective, but the menstrual period, pregnancy can eat this party
( two ) cold type constitution
Symptoms: one to menstruation, abdominal have cold feeling, pain severity, a cold will be more severe, but warm feel comfortable. The period is usually late, period usually lasts over seven days, blood dark red, will be mixed like liver, Gore outflow. Especially cold, with a very high probability of deficiency type.SKYWORTH photoelectric
Improvement of small secret:
Be sure to keep warm in Kung Fu, can wear thick underwear or thick socks. Don’t wear a skirt, because if the lower body cold, the pain will be more serious. Recommended to eat warm food. Ordinary bath or foot bath can be to drive the cold. Recommended drink Jiang Mucha and cinnamon tea.
Recommended diet: Eucommia kidney
Ingredients: 12 grams of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv, kidney 2
Method: the kidney to remove fascia, cut ten orthographic patterns, and cut into small pieces, water boiled with salt, slightly stains, clean; wash the other of Eucommia ulmoides, fried juice, reserve. Frying pan put the oil,, 7 into heat, kidney wok, and stir-fry for about 3 minutes away, pot. Pour juice ( Eucommia ulmoides with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, salt, MSG, cooking wine ) a little, to be boiled for 10 minutes, then pour into the kidney, boil 5 minutes, wet starch thicken, edible.
( three ) pressure is too large physique
Symptoms: Premenstrual mental instability, emotional anxiety, easy to lose his temper. Bulimia and anorexia two phenomena kept repeating, always fart or burp, will be chaos long smallpox smallpox, not constipation diarrhea. Each menstrual pain symptoms vary, with his condition at the time change, in premenstrual abdominal distention or abdominal pain, but menstruation come these symptoms will disappear. Menstrual blood is red, is the normal four to five days. Sometimes early, sometimes late.
Improvement of small secret:
Just learn to control emotions, daily life work and rest normal, menstruation may listen to music or drink herbal tea to soothe emotions. Eat oranges or tea, daily room can put some green plants, after getting up, can do some simple stretching exercises, if you have time to take a walk. It is recommended to drink jasmine tea with mint tea, Chinese medicine can try mint and tangerine peel.
Recommended diet: Huang Jing stew
Ingredients: Huang Jing 30 grams, 250 grams lean pork.
Method: wash pork, cut into 4 cm square piece, first in the hot water scald, fishy. Pork, Huang Jing plus a moderate amount of alcohol, salt, onion, ginger, pepper, monosodium glutamate and other spices, into the stew, lie between water to stew ripe, edible, pork soup and Huang Jing.
( four ) anemia type constitutionsemiconductor manufacturing
Symptoms: easy dizziness, stand up stars, skin feels rough, dry, inattentive, always forget. Physiological period of abdominal discomfort, backache and also complicated with various kinds of discomfort symptoms. Menstrual flow colour is pink or reddish, blood is very thin, the period is very short. The late period of the situation is very serious, often dragged for more than forty days. Even if the menstrual period has ended or feeling weak all over.
Improvement of small secret:
Usually do not use eye or excessive use of the brain, and get plenty of sleep, diet and lifestyle should pay attention to the blood. Every night to sleep before twelve, if can’t sleep can drink a cup of hot milk. Can eat animal liver or other blood food. It is recommended to drink jujube tea or medlar tea, Chinese angelica and longan available.
Recommended diet: Angelica ginger mutton soup
Ingredients: Angelica 20 grams, 10 grams of ginger, mutton 500 grams.
Method: hotpot abluent, cut into 4 cm square piece, first with boiling water boiled, to smell of stale. Clear water 500 milliliter, plus angelica, ginger, fry takes medicine juice 200 ml, to slag, standby. Mutton pot water, simmer stew, meat tender, adding medicine juice, uniformly, and onions, salt, monosodium glutamate and other spices, slightly boiling, you can eat.
( five ) asthenia constitution
Symptoms: a period, feet will be swollen, fatigue, and pain in the back, do not have appetite, easy to catch a cold or diarrhea. Almost never have the pain, menstrual blood is pale red, sometimes more sometimes less, polarized. The period is short, if anemia, it is easy to late menstruation. The new supersedes the old. Difference, edema, especially the lower body is fat.
Improvement of small secret:
No less than three meals, eat good digestion, nutrition balanced food. Must eat breakfast, because the stomach is not good, eat slowly. Not suitable for intense exercise, to exercise, select the best walking after supper. It is recommended to drink Du Zhongcha and Korea tea. Traditional Chinese medicine available seeds of astragalus.
Recommended diet: kidney soup
Ingredients: Pig 2, 100 grams of yam, medlar 50 grams, 50 grams of Adenophora stricta, coix seed 50 grams of salt, ginger, spring onion, a little.
Preparation method of pig kidneys: wash, cut, remove the fascia, put cold water soak 2 hours, every half an hour in the water 1 times, finally boiled with hot water to urine smell, diced, standby; yam, peeled, cut Ding, together with other drug into the pot, add the kidney and the amount of water, and add wine, salt, ginger, spring onion, pepper, first with the fire boil, then simmer gently until crisp to, you can eat.

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