Cherish such happiness

A friendship began life, always doomed fate, otherwise, lifepartner why let me meet you, lost their feelings, so wait, not return, is a warm heart so touched, guilt, I think, such a meeting, is should cherish. So, I love you, love you like. Because of this love and love, have each other’s Freemasonry, have the sincere.The expense idea
Because the text flows in emotion, because the text image of entanglement, began approaching, began to wait, began to wish … … Such support and encouragement let me so moved that tears,,, because of the happiness, and, shocked, because of the pay, you know me so much, I want to know is, however, wouldn’t say anything, everything, just let it flow, softly, softly, but for a long time … …
Hard to get a hold of happiness. Because they do not want to, live up to it a sincere heart engraved with the sincerity hope, close to the soul, without rhetoric, without sweet words, silently, hide in the heart, the silent exchange, that a way to let the emotional heart tremble, from text, to music, to the mood, not to make me feel warm, deep in my heart … …
Deliberately, but it does not naturally, with such a premise, contact them, there is no embarrassment, smile, tears of sorrow, sincere missing, then Tanzania expansive expression. Since then, the past, engraved in memory, even if will not disappear, fade, also has a constant shear traces of love.
There have been numerous times with thanksgiving, because I met you, you gave me the confidence and courage, you gave me the inspiration and thoughts, with the fragrance of flowers, engraved in my life, never fade, each fragment is a petal, hard to forget.good reality wooden
Cherish, such happiness.
Time, with a beautiful walk, the past, still remember, with text about mood was, therefore, I have been waiting for, has been hard to cherish such a permanent. Really, do you feel? Happiness, is to wait for that, but, we must make efforts. I feel, because your copy of the work, so I cherish such a waiting time, and then, as I settle down, with strong fragrance.
Pay nothing, inside there are deep regret, inexplicably, often think, in fact, we can hold around us just the ordinary hand, warm, and smile, know, the treasure of the people must treasure, the grateful people also have to appreciate, understand the value of distance also, at this meeting, feel, so, like, the margin of the deep, shallow thoughts, always linger in your heart.
Night, quiet, because in the character miss, love, warm, because of their selfless giving, no thanks, but would also like to thank, because the heart, always cherish, it a kind of fate and karma and that a subtle emotion!Solid wooden door

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