bad habits destroy you

Watch out for nine kidneys that the bad habits destroy you
When you at complain that the body usually appears various small trouble of time, don’t should only is a body to circulate long the nature will have a little “small break down”, in fact these breakdowns appears of reason, all come from you picked to eat to pick much at ordinary times, hence healthily will also start picking fault with your body.
Not the love drinks waterportion of the lens

Big parts of mans feel its importance towards drinking water all little interest, even not, but result in the important injury of body very easily in fact and like this.The discard of metabolism inside our body mainly from the liver and the kidney processing, only have a human body weight 1% kidneys but want to accept whole body 1|4 hearts output quantity, every minute will have the blood of 1-2 liters after kidney, therefore, the discard that the kidney accepts is far and far more than other internal organs organs.Kidney the most important is to be responsible for an intermediation human body for internal water cent and electrolyte of balance, the discard produced by metabolism physiology activity is been alongside of to urine in, but when it carries on these functions, need enough humidity to carry on an assistance.

Solve a method:The habit that develops to drink water more can dilute an urine liquid and let urine liquid to quickly eject, not only can preventĀ°fro stone calculus, absorb too many salts also be advantageous to wetting a liquid to become thin, protect kidney thus.

The love drinks beer

If have already suffered from the disease of kidney, without limit and in great quantities drink beer again, will make the uric acid deposition caused the kidney small tube’s jaming and result in kidney’s crocking up.

Solve a method:If while conducting blood testing, discover the kidney contains problem and afraid of kidney function at this time already damaged not Be getting lighter, conducts blood tests with its etc. to understand kidney, also be rather periodically carry on wetting check at ordinary times, because checking the urine understands the most simple and fast method in kidney.

Not appropriate edible vegetable fruitRMB exchange

Eating vegetable fruit more is healthful, these are the ordinary people’s idea, however for have the chronic kidney function the stumbling person to say, vegetable fruit these are usually thought to have help natural decline blood pressure of contain high potassium composition in the food, over a long period of time eat on the contrary will result in the breakage of their kidney function.In fact to kidney function poor person come to say, the potassium is also the composition that will aggravate kidney to do work, to the injury of the kidney is very big.

Solve a method:If get chronic kidney function obstacle, should notice appropriate eat vegetable and fruit, avoid resulting in the influence on kidney.Don’t drink too thick vegetable and fruit juice, chafing dish soup and vegetable soup, food with simple elegance is proper.

Replace boiled water with the beverage

None of big parts of mans loves the mild tasteless of water and compare under, beverage naturally grounds, such as carbonic acid beverages, such as soda and cola…etc. and coffee…etc. became water of the best act for.But, in these beverages the caffeine contained, usually cause blood pressure’s rising, but the blood pressure lead Gao, is one of the important factors that harms a kidney.dollar range

Solve a method:As far as possible avoid excessively drinking beverage, take by water but generation, keep to drink the 8 greatest cups white water every day to help the body endotoxin to eject in time.

Eat too many meat

The American food association once suggested that mankind the protein of each kilogram weight take to measure to 0.8 grams every day, is also the person who says that an individual weighs 50 kilograms, can absorb 40 grams of proteins just every day, therefore a day also not edible surplus is 300 grams of meat and avoid bringing too big injury to kidney payments

Solve a method:If discover urine egg white in the urine, and then ate too many meat, will make the kidney function been subjected to damage thus over a long period of time.Every meal meat and bean product’s absorbing quantity should control is all of about 0.5 cms of the thicknesses at the palm, if have the person whom the chronic kidney blazes, this quantity should reduce again.

Over take a pain reliever

There is research enunciation, take the pain reliever of mixture over a long period of time, the blood speed of the human body will be forced to lower, therefore will seriously influence the function of kidney.In addition, remarkable BE, the pain reliever causes of the kidney crock up a sufferer to also a little bit easily take place an urine bladder cancer.

Solve a method:No matter take which pain reliever, all Be suitable to occasionally take, absolutely can not take over a long period of time, if need to depend on a pain reliever over a long period of time, have to cure to do thoroughly check.

Eat too many salts

The salt is the important chief culprit that makes the kidney burden aggravated.Salt within our food 95% is BE dropped by the kidney metabolism, absorb too many, the burden of kidney was forced to aggravate, and the sodium in the salt will cause human body humidity’s doing not easily eject, aggravate the burden of kidney further again and caused the decrease of kidney function thus.

Solve a method:Science every day shoots amount of salt should control at 6 grams in, but have among them 3 gram can direct from acquire in the food everyday, therefore, the food should kept at 3-5 grams while seasonning in.Remarkable BE, the salt in the instant noodles is specially many, the person, who usually eat, had better reduce to eat.

The pressure makes the blood pressure gone up too greatly

The blood pressure leads Gao and has already become to a big threat of modern people health, very big one part because living pressure lead greatly result in, thus and indirectly influence the normal operation of kidney.The pressure big familiar symptom is to suffer from insomnia, the male’s blood pressure on the average than female high is 5-10 millimeters of mercury pillars, but suffer from insomnia will result in blood pressure’s going up 2-5 millimeters of mercury pillars on the expectations

Solve a method:The young man generally can hardly discover his/her own high blood pressure circumstance, therefore ignore age much greatly, had better carry on a blood pressure diagraph once in a while, and preventĀ°from sitting up and pressure lead ambassador’s blood pressure go up.

The edible background unidentified medicine eats

Causing the circumstance that the impatient kidney crocks up because of unusual foods, such as edible snake Dan and grass carp Dan…etc. is nothing new, many people all because at that time curious, even blindly take a Chinese herbal medicine to come to strong sun.The in fact a lot of Chinese herbal medicines insides all imply the composition of the birthwort sour etc. kidney toxicity and not only bring kidney huge injury and have of even will bring bane to whole body.

Solve a method:Although fish Dan or snake Dan are enounced have strong sun, can the pure heat counteracts poison or cures the curative effect of pimple, even if is the fish Dan or snake Dan that the Chinese herbal medicine is used, have to then can know its toxicity after special cannon system and absolutely not to and blindly take a food.

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