toilet female’s crumpling

While going to toilet female’s crumpling breast can keep mammary glands from increasing to livinggood luck He Nan

The expert suggests that the female can make use of to go to the stool of opportune moment, conveniently untie text chest, the hands are first clockwise and go against a hour hand direction again to lightly crumple breast.Needs short short 20, can make the breast got a precious rest.Had better up and down the noon Be each to do once.

Heat in the sky eats potato more to repair potassium

Sultry summer, a carelessly the meeting”flicking sweat is like rain”.Runs off with the sweat liquid of, in addition to water, also someone body health essential potassium.LED LCD TV

Heat in the sky prevent°froes lacking potassium, most the safety is effective of method be much eat rich potassium food, mainly have bean, vegetable, and fruit…etc..The soybean content is the tallest in the bean;Contain in the vegetable the most in potassium is spinach, potato, mountain medicine, celery, and lettuce…etc.;Containing amount of potassium by banana, orange in the fruit is the tallest.

In addition, the midsummer body row sweat is many and also increase water-soluble vitamin particularly ejecting of vitamin C, therefore people can much eat in summer some contain the vitamin C, the vitamin B clan enriches of food.Be body to in great quantities perspire generally speaking or the body temperature lead Gao, adding of humidity had better be a little amount, many times.But the sodium add to then want to see to perspire how much but settle.LED business increases

Soot second hand smoke becomes the female lung cancer outbreak inducement

In recent years, female lung cancer outbreak in Shanghai City has year by year the power of the ascension.Shanghai region lately delivers lung cancer more than 9000 examples annually, among them, the female has 1/3 and be taken bad in the female malignant tumor in, the lung cancer death rate is resided to first.The expert said that inhaling the soot, and second hand smoke…etc. is the on the sick list inducements of female lung cancer.

The expert points out that female lung cancer sufferer’s great majority is a gland cancer, and doesn’t smoke.70% female sufferers exist a household history, another the or so cause of disease having 30% isn’t clear.Clinical discover, passive smoke cigarette, spray fog soot, car tail spirit and the harmful grain in the atmosphere may be the inducement that the female falls ill.The data suggests that our country female lung cancer sufferer five year, the existence rate is about 10% and compares abroad that data differ 5%.Semi-conductor

The expert suggests that the female over 40 years of age can go to annually the specialty hospital carries on “the low doses spiral CT”, the Shai checks and early discovers that the cancer changes omen.If is diagnosed for the lung cancer, then should after member examination diagnosis technique first”already set” again treatment, avoid blindness the treatment delay the best opportune moment.

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