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Healthily lead “three Fus”s the health want to follow weather
After getting into July, was so-called”three Fu sky”.Three Fu sky is a period of time of of Chinese lunar calendar slight heat and great heat, it is a the middle of the year, the air temperature tallest and damp and sultry day.The air temperature successively climbs, each kind of healthy problem also closely upon heels and since then, the hotness is hot wet become we guard against of point.
The expert reminds:Stay away sunlight don’t necessarily once hide to suffer a sunstrokeRome sandals let feet

Follow three Fu sky, suffer a sunstroke to also get into Gao Fa Qi.In the many people’s impression, it is working under the hot sun just to easily suffer a sunstroke.To this, expert reminds everyone, in fact under the heat and the airiness ineffective environment, the human body is most easily subjected to a hot evil hit;But multifarious wear shuttle at the heat of environment and the low temperature air condition place, more easily suffer from hot wet catch a cold.

Expert hinted, don’t think as long as you avert from sunlight, can narrowly escape”hot”.Heatstroke means under the long-term function of the heat and the hot radiation, the machine body body temperature regulates an obstacle, the water, electrolyte metabolizes the generic name of the symptom of mess and nervous system function injure.As long as is in the heat, bad-ventilated and foolish under the degree of humidity higher environment Be getting longer, equally easy”in recruit”.Therefore, in the temperature higher environment, keep airiness particularly for importance.Utopia weaves

Remarkable BE, now people’s life and work environment in a lot of all free adjust, space too closeness, and the heat of the air temperature and outdoors is anti- to differ very greatly.Professor Yang points out that people are multifarious outdoors of go back and forth in heat environment and the low temperature environment of the indoor, machine body suddenly the heat Be suddenly cold to regulate not to come over, very easily suffer from hot wet catch a cold.While running about in outdoors, very hot day people’s the sweat gland on the skin greatly opens and pops in to ten several air condition environments of 20 Celsius degrees, the hotness in the body hasn’t comes yet at this time and the row is over, the algidity suddenly inherits and appear very easily various unwell with disease.Moreover, loving too much the icy cold food will the appetite causing is unwell and blow an electric fan and wash a cold shower to reduce the heat over a long period of time and all easily cause hot wet catch a cold with various trouble.These are the all hot wet causable healthy problems, is also the performance that the different degree suffers a sunstroke.

Defend hot dispel wet:The Huo fragrant sense of right liquid applies most

Modern living like, insolate to suffer a sunstroke have already consumedly reduced, however have air conditioning, blow an electric fan, eat cold drink to wait for someone work to excessively reduce the heat a way, cause hot, cold and wet etc. various evil-minded wound persons, appear hotness dizzy, hot catch a cold, appetite unwell etc. various paroxysm persons but more and more.Speaking from Chinese medicine, these crowd mostly the pathologic symptom of “inside wet outside hot”, so used the traditional Huo fragrant sense of right product such as too very the Huo fragrant sense of right liquid to solve hot, again suitable however.Too very the Huo fragrant sense of right liquid is make use of Huo joss-stick, thick plain etc. has a Teng function of vaporize, rise of medicine, pass Chinese herbal medicine Aromatherapy, the closing pathologic system of “inside wet outside hot” opens after suffering a sunstroke human body and flick to spread inside the body of moisture, resist the hot air out of the body, so the movement function of the viscera can recover as usual, the human body can line up sweat as usual and suffer a sunstroke symptom to also soon disappear.What to need to be reminded BE, Huo fragrant the type is a lot of, liquid product liquid since effect quick, is more suitable to cure hotness disease.And”liquid” don’t imply alcohol, didn’t limit to the crowd, both sexes and all ages was all proper and drive also can’t the wine drive.LED and new material

Three Fu healths:Hand sun to go to fire, much much sourer sweet

The summer season is three Fus, the sun annoys prosperous, the human body is placed in the territory ground of “the sun is more prosperous than an outside but falsely in inside” for the sake of the conformance weather at this time, the sweat liquid increases, the summer heat is pressing and usually cause human body sun spirit Xuan Fa too but appear the sun inside the body annoys short of summer season physical endowment characteristic, at this time if because defend hot reduce the heat but excessively be greedy for cool easy to inside cold too much, with as for the sun inside the body annoys more Shuai.

Moreover, hot wet very disadvantageous to Pi in summer, so should eat some foods of sweet flavors and sour proper Pis more appropriately in summer, like mountain medicine, Yi rice, Bo Luo, and watermelon…etc.;Blazing hot weather still easily causes person’s quick temper’s rising and express be fidgety, anxious and easy for emotion concussion, suffer from insomnia etc..Therefore, “going to fire” is also essential homework that the summer food repairs.The summer goes to fiery food, ascend good choose to have green lentil, bitter gourd and tomato to have cool etc., pure hot food;In the meantime, all of milk nourishment, can with Wen Pi, repair water and reinforce body fluid, is also summer fine goods.

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