Everyday a carrot

Everyday a carrot strengthens immunity dint
The carrot was produced to Asian the south at first, it contained to have abundant carotene, everyone knew that the carrot nourishment enriched, but concretely coulded not say it where well?Today the right here”Kua Kua” carrot, let you more clearly know it.

The nourishment of carrot is very abundant.Include protein, fat, meal fiber and carbohydrate, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and Ni the gram is sour, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, Lin, selenium etc..Among them, the carotene is most outstanding.development potential

The tiny number of carotene that generally every 100 grams of foods contains is two numbers or three numbers, while the carrot can attain four number.Press average value in the whole country, the red carrot contains carotene to 4130 tiny gram of, the yellow carrot contains carotene 4010 tiny gram of, the most is the carrot that Fuzhou, Fukien produces, the content of its carotene attains 7700 tiny gram of|100 gram.

The carotene calls again vitamin AN original, at human body bowel way and change into vitamin AN in the liver.Each 0.6 the tiny gram of carotene is an equal to international unit vitamin A.

The free radicals is the middle outcome in the normal metabolism process, can accelerate human body decrepitude.The carotene can get rid of the malignant function of free radicals, as a result is the ideal food of defer decrepitude.

Carrot the flavor is sweet and even, person’s lung and Pi two through, the main function is a Jian Pi and turn Zhi, is iner common use than the treatment impaired digestion and long diseases, such as Li and a cough…etc..

The carrot is an alkaline food and enrich to contain fruit gum, the fruit gum can make the bowels taken shape and adsorb the germ and toxin in the bowel way.The volatile oil in the carrot can also promote digest and disinfect.shell receives

Still imply the mineral quality and trace element of one fixed amount in the carrot in addition, can add the nourishment material that throws to lose because of diarrhea rain.Drink carrot soup for suffering from of diarrhea son, can Xie.

The fruit gum contained in the carrot can combine with mercury.Some people appear chronic mercury because of usually getting in touch with mercury poisoned, at this time when the medicine cures, can eat some carrots, promote combining of mercury and eject.Some foreign sections have already chased carrot as to usually get in touch with people’s health care food of mercury.

The research expresses that have the fruit gum the sour calcium in the carrot fiber, it can combine with sour the Dan in the body but decline low cholesterol.The cholesterol inside the body is more high, the fruit gum material in the carrot declines a Dan farmland Chun of more big;The cholesterol inside the body is normal, the effect of fruit gum then corresponds to lower, so can’t influence normal cholesterol level.The scientist thinks that insist eating 2 carrots every day, in certain time inside can make the cholesterol level lowered 10-20%.

Still imply the composition to can lower blood sugar in the carrot, provided good Shu good medicine for diabetic.The amber in the carrot sour potassium salt has certain effect to the treatment high blood pressure, kidney disease.physics prize

The carotene can strengthen the immunity function of human body and raise huge bite the vitality of cell, but huge bite cell can gobble up germ and cancer cell.

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